DYI chrome legs for sink

schoolhouse_gwApril 19, 2013

The price of a set of polished chrome legs for a wall hung sink is high. Has anyone constructed or do you think it is possible to create a pair of legs out of chrome pipe? where would I look for the pipe? would need to add some fancy flange at the tops of the legs too I think.

I have found a pair on Ebay, and altho reasonably priced, they only adjust to 28" and by my measurements I need them at least 29"- 30" high. Found some "Jones Stevens" chrome lavatory legs on a web site for $22 but the review (only review) was poor. Legs not adjustable, too high (but at the height I think I need-30"), not good quality material.

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Or get a sink that does not require legs.

They generally have a very strong bracket for mounting to the studs to hang the sink from.

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It all depends on the sink design and the support it needs. The expense in the long run will mostly likely be the flange and the feet and getting a clean look once they're attached. Main question: are you going to be really happy with the end result once it's done?

Ebay doesn't always have the best prices (like they used to), so I'd continue searching for a better deal on the recommended stand.

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My sink is vintage (probably from the late 50's early 60's?) and wall mounted, originally had chrome legs, but they became rusty and corroded in spots at some point thus were removed. I don't even remember what I did with them, that was 30+ years ago. It's been hanging on the wall ever since with no problem, but I want to replace the legs.

So DYI might not give me the desired look? Perhaps not.

Like I said, the ebay price wasn't that bad, it was the height of the legs that might pose a problem. I'll continue to look tho. It might be a good idea to ask my contractor to get an accurate measurement too.

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Found another pair on ebay - made by the same company, Jones Stevens, only the legs are adjustable to 32 3/4" for $38 and free shipping. Despite the poor review about the others, I plan on ordering them as soon as Paypal goes through. The ad says "returnable, money back" - we shall see if that is true. I'll post back with an update.

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