Should I use realtor who has listing next door to me?

periwinkle18October 24, 2010

We are putting our house on the market in a few months. Was planning on using the realtor who lives in our neighborhood (only 20 homes). My next door neighbor's house has unexpectedly gone on the market, and is listed by the realtor I was planning on using.

Is this a disadvantage to have the same realtor listing both homes? It almost seems like a conflict of interest.

Only one or two homes go on the market at any given time in our neighborhood. Neither my house or my neighbor's house is a distressed property - neither house has a mortgage.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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In a few months, see if that realtor has sold the first one.

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Unless the homes are identical in everything including colors I don't see how it could be a conflict of interest. The realtor can't make a buyer like a house over another.

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Some competition form another agent might serve you better.

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If you can find a realtor who has same (or better qualification) as your neighbor's listing agent, I would use the new one. Each realtor has different social circles and business contacts, why not enlarge your house's exposure?

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I once used a social and work contact as a realtor for a house and I'd never do it again. It sort of puts you in an awkward position if the realtor you had planned on using is even an acquaintance, doesn't it?

If you do use the same one, it has its advantages. Likely every time either of the two adjoining houses were shown, they'd both be shown if they are at all comparable. If this person is a skilled and honest agent, he'll know how to handle the situation without putting either of you on the griddle or encountering sticky wickets.

That being said......I also agree with Brickeye and Azmom for the reasons they mentioned. When push comes to shove, the only reason to sign with any realtor is they are the best ones to move your property and will do the best job for you. The other factors are secondary.

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Like another poster said...wait and see if they sell the neighbor's house in three months.

We went with a different agent than our neighbor because if she brings someone to her property, they would see our sign....and visa versa. If they are interested, they would mention it to their realtor and have a look at ours. We have 3 realtors in our small area, but chose to go with neither of them.

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If this were me, I'd put my own for sale sign up and take advantage of the traffic this realtor is generating. Bet people looking at the neighbors house would be interested to see what yours looks like as well. Especially if the price is the same (or lower).

If you get an offer, let the buyer's agent do the paperwork and get a real estate attorney to look over your part of the deal.

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Thanks for the great advice, everyone! I thought about putting a FSBO sign on our lot...problem is, my husband is not ready to move until June of next year, and he would be seriously upset if the house sold and we had to move a few months earlier! That might be wishful thinking in this market, though.

I will see how the house next door is priced. The realtor who is listing next door knows that we will be listing our house in the spring.

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