What finish for faucet with brushed nickel pulls/knobs?

geomegApril 3, 2013

I'm so confused about what finish to choose for the faucet...

I've picked brushed nickel pulls and knobs for my hardware but I have yet to receive them. Cabinets will be a creamy off-white shaker.

The sink is stainless by Kohler. I am trying to decide on what type of faucet and finish. My appliances are stainless.

Do I go with a stainless faucet? I have been looking at faucets by Kohler and of course the least expensive is the chrome.

How many metal finishes is too many?

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I'm on the same path, and recently read this helpful Houzz article: "How to Mix Metal Finishes in the Kitchen" and found it helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: link:

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Ditto! We have brushed nickel knobs and SS appliances. I actually like the look of chrome faucets but DH likes SS/brushed faucets. I honestly think that either one will work!

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Would adding a polished nickel light fixture be too much? I'm considering one from Restoration hardware.
Unfortunately I can't see it in person, can just order online..
If I do that then I'd have 3 metal finishes in my tiny kitchen! Unless I choose a nickel finish for the faucet..

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Holly- Kay

I am in the same boat. My kitchen will have warm colors. I hope the stainless appliances will look okay with it.

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Holly- Kay

Sparkling Water, thank you so much for that link. I want to use warm colors on my knobs but I love a black polished nickel faucet. After seeing how lovely the kitchens in the Houzz article look with a mixture I feel so much better about mixing my finishes!

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From far, I think the polished nickel would look similar to the chrome. Similarly, brushed nickel would be similar to SS. So, to me, that would mostly strike me as two classes of finish (i.e. not too much)!

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My faucet wanted company, so the pulls match the faucet.
Antique brass on both with SS appliances.

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