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BirchPointApril 13, 2014

I am building a house with this same kitchen in it. I am planning on white inset cabinets, dark honed granite countertops, and carrara backsplash. I am choosing a 36" induction cooktop, double ovens, 36" subzero. My sink will be in the island. I have no windows in the space and 9' ceilings. How would you design the space with these elements to look different?

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I guess I'm confused... you want it to look different than the picture you posted? It already will because the counters and backsplash will be different, you'll have a cooktop with double ovens instead of a range, and your sink is in a different spot so your layout will be different too. Also I don't think the cabinets shown are inset.

Did you want more differences? You could get different light fixtures, pulls/knobs, paint and floor color, paneled refrigerator, etc.

Do you want to post the layout and make sure it's the best use of the space? "Most functional" beats just "different" IMO.

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You are right. I am looking for help to make the space the most functional and visually pleasing. The space feels really tight to me. I have 4'2" in the aisles of the kitchen. The island is 10' but I wonder if I should cut it to 9'. I am considering putting the subzero under the stairs but am worried that that will be weird. Otherwise, the fridge & ovens will go on the "L" of the kitchen. My dining area has turned out to be really only 11' wide so I feel I have to cut out island seating (which I don't really mind). The pantry also is only actually 2 1/2' deep. I also plan on stacked cabinets and am thinking glass up top would help to open up the space visually. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the plan. This is much better than the picture you showed plus the mental addition of your choices. You have good work flow, here, and landing zones, and everything. Having the fridge where it's shown in the plan does close in the kitchen a little, but it's a good trade off for what you're getting. The fridge is equally accessible to the kitchen and the eating area. You might consider having a right hinge. It seems counter-intuitive, but it's more convenient for family members getting drinks and snacks, and for putting the condiments and pickles on the table. When I'm getting ingredients, I dump them on the island, in a similar position to yours, so it's not an issue that the fridge opens the other way.

I also like that your sink is offset from the stove. Much better for no tush bumping. :) And the shelves in the hall are great. So's the step-in pantry. I don't know if it will hold a ton more than if it were just a cabinet, but it will hold some more, and it gives you the floorspace to stash stuff in when you want to hide it. I turned a similar pantry inside out into cabinets in three directions and the thing I miss most is that little area of open floor. :) Are you going to use regular cabinet doors on the pantry? That should help make the kitchen look bigger.

If you have enough room for the fridge door to swing, I wouldn't cut down the island. You need the landing zone no matter which way the fridge opens, and the counter space since you're giving up a few feet to the ovens. Be aware that by putting wall ovens next to the fridge, you are closing in that corner, and it'll become something of a dark, dead zone. Good for small appliances to sit, but not a workspace. Therefore, keeping every inch of island will be useful. Another reason to keep the full length is that the island is one wall of your kitchen. People put pendants over that kind of island to help complete the visual separation of space.

Glass in the high uppers will, as you say, break up the plane and help keep the cabinets from looming over you. Do use a pebbled or frosted glass, though, so you don't have to stage the contents standing on a ladder. :) They also look really pretty lit up. :)

The kitchen isn't huge, but you don't need huge to make tons of good food. I really think the plan you have is good. the way it is.

If you really want to move the fridge, I think the best place for it is where the pantry is, but that means opening what's left of the pantry into the hall, and probably needing pullouts there to make it functional. It's not that far to the stairs, and if you're panelling the fridge it wouldn't look too bad there, but I just don't think it would be convenient there.

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Thanks for your thoughts plllog! I met with a kitchen designer today and she validated my wanting to put the fridge under the stairs. It means having to spring for a subzero in order to camouflage it well but at this point I'm ready to do almost anything to make up for some of the short comings of my plan. This house ended up much smaller than I had imagined! When you spend a lot of time on GW and Houzz it can really cause you to have very high expectations.

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Things look bigger in pictures, too. It can be really dizzying. That's why we all like floorplans. :) If it's any consolation, smaller houses are in. :) They're also less expensive to run and make for better family harmony (though it might not always seem like it--the togetherness makes for emotional closeness...they've done studies).

Moving the fridge will give you more breathing space even though it won't be quite as efficient a workspace. Sounds like that is the priority, so it's good you've made that decision. Talk to your builder immediately and give him the specs so he doesn't make a decision that puts some needed piece of infrastructure right where you want your fridge.

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Re the understairs fridge - are you certain you have enough height where you want to put it? Having a camouflaged fridge in that location will work great, but be sure it will fit! Secondarily, if you move the sink, you should also move the microwave - closer to refrigerator and water source, maybe the end of the island closest to the refrigerator?

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For what its worth, I'm not so sure I'd put the fridg under the stairs. I liked it where it was for all the reasons stated by plllog... but its your house, your decision. Overall, looks like it will be a beautiful kitchen... Good luck.

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