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quiltnhenSeptember 10, 2012

Well I finally finished the "4 hour quilt". Only took me a little over a week!!! Now I'm in the "oh no, how do I quilt this" stage. It measures about 60X72. I've rarely had so much area plain to quilt in. The background is a faint yellow green allover dot pattern. Despite the photo it's a rectangle. Photographing with an old iphone on the floor isn't great.

Some thoughts are, vining leaves on the border, echo quilting the center shape then something else in the interior green space??? Alternate thought, echo the zig zag in the floral border, but then what do I do with the rest?? I'll me machine quilting it.

The reason for choosing the star pattern in the first place is that it's a gift for a dear lady who is an Easter Star. Thought if I did floral or leaf motifs in the green space it might detract from the star. This sweet woman drives my 93 year old Mom to lunch after the gym twice a week and then I pick her up from lunch. That may not sound like much, but my mother has increasingly severe dementia and the free time for my husband and I to "do lunch" or whatever is great.

Anyway, didn't mean to get so wordy, would just like input.

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Oops! forgot to post the photo

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Wow, Valarie, it's beautiful! I just love it!

I like the idea of leaves in the floral border. I do LOTS of leaves in borders! It's easy and quick. Maybe a meander or loopy pattern in the background areas to help make the star "pop" then just 1/4" inside the star pieces.

I sure do understand the rest you get from her care. My FIL was sole caregiver for my MIL - she was helpless from Alzheimer's for at least 10 years. I know how much respite time meant to him.

What a wonderful gift!


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That turned out beautifully. I really like your fabric choices and color.You've done a very nice job.
I am not very creative with MQ but think stitch in the ditch around the stars would make them stand out.
I think I would like something that fills the background so the center pops. I think leaves in the border would be nice touch.

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This is so gorgeous, what a lovely gift for that sweet lady! I agree that minimal quilting should go into the center star design blocks, and then a meandering filler for the background. Vines and leaves would do well for the border, too.

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I have this same quilt top done (like you, it took more than 4 hrs!!) for my dh. My plan is to quilt feathers in the diagonal sections, but I've never done feathers, so, they I haven't attempted it yet. I just got my machine back last week that will do free motion, so I'd like to so some practicing, but again, I always seem to have time issues.

Here are some inspiration quilts for the carpenter's wheel. My favorite one is Deonn's quilt. The quilting is beautiful!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Quilter's Cache Inspiration

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It's beautiful, and no, this is not a four hour quilt. I just made one (carpenter's wheel) as the medalion around which I'm building a blue/white quilt. When I saw your picture, it made me gasp as it looks very much like mine. So, I'm listening for suggestons as well.

You bet you appreciate what this dear lady is doing. The little respite from full-time caregiving is necessary and appreciated.

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What a lovely quilt, & lovely gift.
I'm new to designs for Fm, but I like what others have noted, outline the center star and a meander for the white space will make the center pop. Leaves for the borders does sound very nice. Be sure to post the finished quilt!
Have fun,

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Beautiful! Sadly, Alzheimers runs strong on my dad's side of the family.

It is wonderful to have a friend to help out, I'm sure she will love the quilt.

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I've been through this three times. So, I understand.'

If this were my own top, I would have quilted along the outside edges and inside edges of the ring of diamonds first. Then, echo quilt 1/4" inside each diamond with blue thread. Then I'd draw washable marker lines through all the white to make a diagonal cross hatching about 1-1/4" apart for the background and keep it simple. I'd stitch each side of the yellow in the ditch and quilt diamond shapes all down the borders touching like a chain to mirror the inside pieces, close to the same size. I'd echo quilt 1/4" inside those diamonds as well. Then I'd put a blue binding on it of the darker solid blue.

Just my design head working here after first cup of coffee.

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So many great ideas. I knew I came to the right place.

Robbi, I agree that those feathers are wonderful, but I don't think my skills are up to that.

Wow toolgranny, three times! This is my second and the longest. I've already told my kids. I love you. I think we've saved enough for our care. Visit us as often as possible.


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Linda, I've no recommendations to give because I prefer to tie my quilts, but I do want to add my compliments to all those who've already spoken up. That quilt is beautiful!
As a matter of fact, I've been wanting to make a wall quilt for my younger sister for Christmas, but haven't been able to decide on the pattern. You just made up my mind, thank you very much! I'm going to quilt one for her, using yours as inspiration and a guideline! Thanks for sharing!

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That is truly beautiful. Does this quilt have a name? I would love to get the pattern.

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Here are the basic instructions.


Here is a link that might be useful: Carpenter Star

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Look at the 3rd row - 2nd over for some beautiful straight line quilting. Now, look at all the other gorgeous quilting.
Your quilt is very pretty and a very nice present for a lady who is truly an angel to be helping you and your family. She will love it and shows how much you appreciate her.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpenter Star Quilting pics

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This is so beautiful just had to stop by and say so !!

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geezerfolks...thanks for sending the link.
Magothyrivergirl...again, thanks for the link.
Others thank you for the upbeat comments. Went looking yesterday for the dark fabric to bind the quilt in. My local shop didn't have it, but was nice enough to get the number of it for me so I can shop around or look online. I shop a lot of fabric stores in the area, but I'm always happy when they refer to each other or go that extra mile to help a customer. Almost makes the price of fabric OK ;-)

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Valarie, your quilt looks great!

I really enjoy reading Angela Walters blog. Angela is a professional long-arm quilter but her ideas (blog and book) are useful on regular sewing machines too. She has ideas/methods that look much more complicated than they are. One of her posts that I thought might help or at least provide inspiration is dot-to-dot quilting.

Good luck with your choice.


Here is a link that might be useful: Angela's dot-to-dot quilting

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I'm Linda. Don't know quite how I got renamed, but the system of screen names and real names still has me wondering who everyone is.

Thanks for the wonderful link. Looks like another "must have" book. It really helps for me to see things. I always think I can just wing it, but spend lots of time looking at pictures, shapes, etc. before I have the confidence to start. Some of her designs are things I haven't tried yet.

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quiltnhen = Linda
littlehelen = Valarie
quiltnhelen = ?
littlehen = ?


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It's much easier to get to know the name that goes with the user name when a post is signed. I'm pretty much in the dark about names if the user name isn't the proper name........at least until I can get it set in my mind.

SharonG/FL .... that's my name and the initial of my last name (which is not Geezerfolks) and let's you know what state I'm in......but it's usually the state of confusion. @:/

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Littlehelen here...I am Valarie with an "a" and normally sign w/ a simple V.
Linda...don't know how your name got mixed w/ mine, but I deliberately did not respond to those post when I saw them at work...but I do Look forward to seeing the finished quilt..its so very pretty!!! V.

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Valarie and Sharon. Thanks for clearing that up. Sharon I wondered what that stood for and it works well. From now on I'll sign as LindaB/CA. I'm guessing the other Linda/OH isn't the only one around either.
By the way Valarie I'm afraid I'm increasingly residing in the "state of confusion" as well.

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