Ultra suede?

loisflanSeptember 26, 2011

I'm making a quilt for a baby. I would like a soft backing, and flannel is an option. I've seen what is called "minky" (not sure of the spelling), but that seems a little too textured and I haven't found a color that matches well. Has anyone ever tried using ultra suede for backing? What do you think? Thanks.

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Ultrasuede? No, I would never use that, especially not for a baby quilt. It is totally the wrong "hand" for a quilt. It feels soft when you stroke it, but that's only a surface softness. Once quilted, it will be unyielding and as stiff as a board. Try bunching it up in your hand

Minky would work, as would flannel. Both will keep a soft, gentle feeling hand after quilting.

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I can recommend Minky. I've used it for a couple quilts now and really like it. Babies like it too!


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I love ultra suede, but not for a quilt. Minky is wonderful, and very warm.


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Thanks for the advice, ladies. I didn't realize that ultra suede would lose its soft hand when quilted. I would have been really disappointed. I'll keep looking for a Minky that's the right color. If not, flannel will work.

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You can find any minky color here! Www.minkydelight.com
It's 60" wide so if its for a typical baby quilt you won't need much more than a yard and you may have enough left over for a matching pillow. If you have cats, make a couple catnip toys from the scraps: they can't resist the fabric!

Fabric.com usually has some on sale too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Minky fabric store

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If you go with flannel wash it on hot and dry on hot 'cause it will shrink.

I love it for backings on small quilts!

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