A friend starts quilting!

K8OrlandoSeptember 18, 2011

I'm so excited! A good friend just started on a quilt. She's been interested in my quilts and inspired by those made by her sisters; her sister has urged her to start and recently walked her through her first square during a family vacation. I wouldn't have thought to use this one, but she started her out on the 10 Minute Block! I think it was a brilliant choice because it's easy to put together but ends up looking much more complicated. On her first day she made 20 blocks!

I haven't done this block but it looks like it would be fun. Maybe as the core of a Christmas table runner. I know this has been posted here before, but don't recall who did it.

Here is a link that might be useful: youtube tutorial - 10 Minute Block

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In the video they use 4 red squares. If you make 2 of those (opposing each other) the same as the center square, you get a bow-tie block. You can use any sized squares you like. I've made a king sized bow-tie quilt using this method.

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Oh my, your friend jumped right in there! I don't think I'm ready to tackle something like that!

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Casi, watch the video. Its a very easy and fast block! The ones you've already done were more difficult.

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My good friend just finished her first quilt/wallhanging with my help and I started her with the kaleidoscope "One Block Wonder" block. I helped her buy her fabric and loaned her my book and she did a wonderful quilt with great colors. She's so proud of herself (and I'm proud of her). Now she's off doing a landscape wallhanging from a class she is taking. Another quilter catches the bug!

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I definitely have that bug! I'm finishing up on the quilt that I keep posting about, plus I've almost finished with a quilt top for my daughter and I still have my Thimbleberries Christmas quilt top that I just started in the Spring. I just need to add the borders to it and it will be ready for the quilting lady! I have another holiday project to cut out and get started on. I want to do it all the time. DH and I are both retired and he keeps coming up with projects outside he needs my help with! lol

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Congrats! I wish I had someone here that would quilt with me!!!

Jennifer thanks for the tip.

Casi I didn't really like Thimbleberries patterns until recently and now I love many of her folksy patterns.

Linda she is starting out on a kaleidoscope wow!!! invite her to join the forum.

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