Please help me pick out paint colors

SB4E_4April 8, 2013

I don't trust my own judgment or that of anyone else in my family. The attached pic is of our cabinet (medium-tone cherry), backsplash (honey onyx), and granite (colonial gold). We are thinking of Ivory Tower as the main color and Lilac Pink as an accent wall (no cabinets/backsplash/granite on this wall). What do you think? Is the Lilac pink too out there? Any blues that you would recommend instead? We would like some color, but am overwhelmed with all the choices!

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What is the grey at the bottom? I don't see a lilac pink or anything that is ivory. I do like your door and granite and backsplash though :)

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me too.. : ) Love all of that together, not seeing any pink just gray.

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In the spirit of "speak now or forever hold your peace"--and assuming you aren't past the point of no return--I just want to say that I don't like how your backsplash choice plays with the granite. It could just be the pic or my monitor, but the colors don't quite work together. And the small format tile seems overly busy for the granite. I like the cabs with the counter, and I like the cabs with the backsplash, but not the backsplash with the counter.

Sorry for the unsolicited opinion. And if you are past the point of no return...I'm sure it will be fine.

On the subject of paint, I was thinking a lilac pink could maybe work...until I looked at BM Lilac Pink (are you looking at BM colors? You didn't say). Wow, that is really pink, and really quite a dark pink. And a saturated pink. I used BM's color viewer to pair it with a the Ivory Tower and gold along the lines of what is in your granite. I had Amulet stand in for the gold, and Clydesdale Brown for the cabinets. I didn't think that the Lilac Pink worked--it's a color that would work better in smaller quantities, like a lamp rather than a wall (vivid colors can be overwhelming on large surfaces). I did find some pinks that I thought would work: Rosewood, Pink panther, Rose Silk, Mauve Mist, Victoriana, Damask Rose, Hidden Sanctuary, and Hazy Lilac (more purple).

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Sorry about the gray bottom-that was not intentional. Yes, I'm looking for Benj, Moore paints. Thank you so much for the suggestions, I will look them all up! Yeah, we've got all the materials already. I guess if we hate, hate it we could change it later. It's a small galley kitchen, if that makes a difference.

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