Have you ever used a Power Washer to clean your fence?

lattefairyJune 6, 2010

Were you happy with the results?

I would like to power wash my fence, as it's starting to look a bit dark and dirty. I started pricing power washers and there are so many out there, that I don't know where to start. Do you prefer gas or electric? How much power would i need to clean a fence?

I have plants near my fence, so not sure if this would be the best time of the year to do it or not. Think it could really damage my plants? How could I protect them?

Any tips, advice would be appreciated! :-)

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We have an electric washer and use it to clean our patio etc. We also use it to strip old paint off the wooden chairs etc. before repainting if that gives you an idea of power. It does depend also on what nozzle/setting you use as you can also do windows etc. I would be cautious around your plants for sure.
We got the electric one because I have such a bad reaction to the smell of anything gas/petroleum....I try to stay away from anything like that.

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We use our power washer to clean our vinyl siding. but we don't use it to clean the deck - it's too powerful for the cedar. Before you buy one can you find out if it's OK to use on your fence? Can you rent one from a Rental Center? Then you won't have to store it either.

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I need to have my coffee. At first glance I thought the subject line asked if we ever used a Power Washer to clean your face.

We don't own a power washer, but have hired someone to wash our siding and our deck -- both with good results.

I've also had satisfactory results with Ponds Cold Cream, followed by toner and daily moisturizer :-)

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I too am lookin for a electric washer to clean my vinyl
siding but don't know what size/power to buy so plz someone tell me too. Greeneyesmom

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We have a gas power washer that I just love for cleaning the deck and the concrete patio. Ours is 2200 psi according to DH.

Be sure and purchase the cleaning solution to use in it, years ago when we got our first one, we didn't realize it needed SOAP. LOL.

I'd lay a tarp down over your plants to protect them from the force of the water spray. Because yes, it will rip them to shreds if it hits them directly.

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Good point about protecting your plants. It's also recommended that your wet your plants first - that also helps to protect them if the cleaning solution splashes on them.

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Hey Jackie, I just asked DH and he said anything that sprays 2000 Lbs will work.
You can always get a laddar & a bucket of bleach water, add some elbow grease :^D

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DS has a gas powered washer that is 2600 psi. He just uses water to clean things, unless there is mold and then he adds bleach to the water. He doesn't want me to use it because I could damage wood or break glass since I don't know how to use it. I would like him to use it on a privacy fence on one side of my yard. Then I would like him to use Thompson's Water Seal on that fence.

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WE have one and i think it's 3600, it's gas. I don't want anything electric around water. I use it my self for everything, from cleaning the siding, deck,fences and even washing the car. Depends on what nozzle you use to how powerful it can be. I painted a cement porch once and decided to use powerwasher to strip paint back off. The trick is to not put nozzle to close to object. Daughter used hers last week and was stooped down and with out thinking she laid her hand on top of washer to help herself up. Not smart, she burned her hand bad. Told her there was a warning not to do that, she said, yes i read that after the fact. There great just becareful using it. I do wash things down where i have plants just don't point directly

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We decided on a gas powered one and we use it to clean everything-- house, patio furniture, concrete patio, windows, cars etc.

Be very careful as patches said. Just this past Saturday, I accidentally ran the sprayer over my toes. Let's just say I won't do that again anytime soon.

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I purchased one of the 90 dollar ones. I used it to wash down the house before we painted. Those gas ones have huge psi and can do a lot of damage to your fence. It will chew it all up if you aren't careful.

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We use a power washer to clean our cedar fence every couple of years and since there are gardens along most of the fence, we do the cleaning before plants come up.

I wouldn't, however, use one to clean a vinyl sided house. Water getting into and behind the seams of the vinyl can lead to mold and rot of the wood framing of the house...no thank you!

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Thank you so much for your input, everyone! I got a gas pressure washer yesterday. It's 2600 psi and a Honda engine.

Maura - Got a chuckle out of that one. LOL!

Thanks again!!! :-)

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It's early, and like Maura, I read face. LOL

I use estee lauder products on my face, and no power washer yet here.

I would LOVE to have and use one, and some day one will join my power tools in the shed. :)


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I read "face", too! Harry got ours too close to the deck one time and made a deep gash in the wood decking. Those things are powerful! I'm glad tammyms still has toes!!

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