Help with First Floor Remodel (coat closet stay or go?)

hobbes0022April 7, 2011

Hey all, we're renovating most of the first floor of our home. This includes the hallway, 1/2 bath, and kitchen. We're pretty much set on the kitchen and 1/2 bath, (I wasn't convinced about the 1 or 2 level countertop penisula until I stubbled accross this site). Anyway, the question I have is about the coat closet. Our home was built in 73' and it seems like the coat closet was an afterthought. Basically it's to the left of the front door, it doesn't get in the way of the door or anything like that, but if we take it out, that would really open up the entry from the hall to the living room.

I'm not sure how to post a picture so here's my best description.

If you're in the house, with you back against the closed front door. On your right is an opening to the TV room. In front of you is the staircase upstairs, and the hallway leading to the 1/2 bath and kitchen. On your immediate left is the coat closet, which is about 3 feet long, and 3 feet wide. Past the closet on your left is the opening to the living room. The living room wall is in line with the front door, so there's a 3ft closet wall in the living room just like there is in the front entry.

So if the closet is completely removed, you'de have a clear path from the TV room to the living room. We could put a coat hanger in the living room to accomodate jackets, and we honestly do not use to coat closet that much except for permanent storage of things, so that stuff could just as easily be stored someplace else.

What do you guys think?

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If you don't want a coat closet, you don't have to have one. It's that simple.

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