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mfbensonSeptember 24, 2009

Hello all - its been about a year or more since I posted here, for a while I was a regular. Well, I'm back, and this time it looks for real that I'm going to sell my house and buy another. I have a house picked out that I am probably going to make an offer on. I welcome your opinions.

One thing to know: In 2008 the tax assessor said it was worth $195,000. Its now listed for $154,000, which is a 21% drop in a single year. Gulp. I'm not even certain its done dropping in value, but my feeling is that it has no more than another 10% or so to go. At most. The development this house was in had a whole lot of new, vacant houses when the bubble burst but since then the construction has stopped (all the partially completed stuff was taken to completion, but not much new construction was started) and most of the vacant properties have filled up. There have been some foreclosures in the area but no more than the city I'm in now.

Another thing to know: my house is finally fixed up the way I like it, and here I am ready to move. Figures. Anyhow, I'm leaving more because I'm tired of the city and neighborhood I'm in, and the house is on the small side.

Here is a link that might be useful: possibly my new home?

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Oh, one more thing: those pictures don't really do it justice. So if that colors your feedback I understand.

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