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habalsApril 18, 2012



Hi All,

I recently bought a house with a funny floor plan,

and I am trying to remodel it to have a better value.

I dare to draw the new plan myself and I have tried many many possible ideas and finally came up with above two candidates. However, I am still not fully satisfied.

I like Plan A better, but the hall way is in the kitchen area. I am not sure if it is a good idea. Less expensive than plan B.

My wife likes Plan B better, but I think it is funny to put a sofa at the hall way. You can see the long hall way all the way to the end. Should I put a door in the hall way to hide it?

Which do you think is a better plan?

Any positive comments is appreciated!

PS1. FYI, the wall in the center behind the sofa is the load bearing wall. It is very expensive to remove it.

PS2. Shaded walls are original walls to be removed.

Thanks in advance!

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I am starting from plan B, which is clearly preferable. Having a three foot aisle is a major issue, while there is no work space other than the island.

Do you really need both a shower and a tub? Having only the tub will allow the wall between the kitchen and bath to be longer, and you can move the frig to that wall, giving some workspace next to the sink. Moving the stove to the corner might be considered. You will lose some space, but you will still have more continuous counter space, and allow you to replace the island with a small counter on wheels.

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Thanks for your opinion.
If the fridge goes to the left-side wall, isn't it too far away from the sink and the cooktop(neither it is a triangular workspace)? The kitchen dimension is 18-4in x 11-6.

Why is 3ft island an issue? Is it difficult to make?
What are the standard depth for an island with spaces for stools underneath?

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Your 3' island is not an issue to build. What is an issue is a 3' AISLE (between your countertop and your island). Esp because there is a fridge there, that sticks out further than you think, and because countertops stick over the edges of a cabinet and are not flush with it.

Your aisle width will be too small.

Also, because, if you are planning to put stools there, there will not be room on the far side of the island (along the wall) to function as a walkway.

You need to reconsider your whole design.

I like plan B more because you have more useful closet space in the bedrooms (3'1" deep are not big enough for walk in, the reach in alternative in Plan B is much better).

Now, back to the kitchen.

Take your correct space dimensions to the kitchen forum for feedback. And/or do some research on that forum first. There is a ton of info for the learning in that forum.

But, my other concern for you is--you want to do this in order to "have a better value". I hope you aren't thinking economical value. This will be expensive to do. Livable value is one thing. If you can improve the space for better livability and you have the $$$ to spend, great! But don't think of this as an investment.

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Thanks kirkhall.

The room storage space will be the same for both plan A and plan B. I just didn't updated for plan A.
Do you think putting the sofa that is aligned to the hall way is okay on Plan B? If that is okay, I'll mature the plan B.
I have other drawings for the kitchen. Current plan is approximate.

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The sofa placement doesn't bother me. In fact, I might even place it by the windows. So, it is personal preference.

What I do like about plan A v B is that you can see through the house (front to back) as you come in the front door (what I assume is the front door, bottom of your diagrams). It gives a sense of openness. It would be even better if you could see out a back window...

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Thank you all.
I'll reflect those suggestions, and probably ask for another help. :)

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