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nanajayneSeptember 4, 2012

Would like suggestions for a border on this Island Chain top. I plan a 1 1/2 -2 inch inner border of the dark brown but not sure about the outer border. Would like to have used the cream fabric but don't have enough to do a full border.

This is made using my stash and will be a lap quilt for one of my Grands.

I am not very pleased with the lay out but was too far to change it. DD and friend say they like it the way it is.

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Nanajayne, I like your idea of the brown inner border and I would suggest going with the turquoise or blues against the brown...very cool for today. I don't know what you don't like, I love it-the design and the variety of browns and blues on the cream- it's great.

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If you use a brown inner border, I'd use one of the lighter blue prints for the wider outer border. You can buy any new piece of blue and it would look like it matches since you have such a variety.

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I love the layout!!!!!
Perhaps a small rick rack border - see the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rick Rack Border

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I like the idea of the rick rack border. I would use turquoise and cream if you have enough. I love the colors and the effect.

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Looks great to me and I like idea of the brown with a turquoise. Lot more work, but the rick rack border might be good too. I bought a book with this pattern and have been itching to try it, but it keeps getting bumped down the list while I make quilts for gifts.

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thank you for the input. Will have to think about the ric=rac. Might have enough of the cream if I could cut it into smaller pieces. What about sneaking in a few of the lt. browns with the aqua??
Will have to do some math to see now many will be needed and if I have to do some shopping.

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Really nice! I saw this pattern also in the book i just bought and like quiltnhen it has me thinking!!

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Ooh, I love this quilt! I think the layout is fine, too.

If it was my quilt, I'd try to find some kind of tropical print in colors that go with the center...shells, fish, etc. But a pieced border would probably be nice, too. :)


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Jayne, With the 'busyness' of this pattern, I think I'd go with a regular border like TGLinda suggested. jmo


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I would go with the narrow brown border, then an aqua print, similar to one of the prints used in the quilt already. I really like this pattern! With all the geometrics in the body of the quilt, I don't think I would do a rickrack border, but it's all personal preferences. Anything you do with it is certain to be OK.


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