Electrolux wall oven

trishateagirlApril 5, 2014

We just finished a complete kitchen remodel 4 months ago. Our Electrolux wall oven has never performed well. After purchasing an oven thermometer we discovered the oven was taking 30 minutes to preheat even after an indication it was ready. The perfect turkey mode has never work properly. We consulted the manual on adjusting the temperature with no better results. The service department is no help! We are very frustrated with the poor results whether baking,roasting or using convection mode. I am wondering if we are missing some directions/guidelines? Is any one having similar problems? We are ready to replace the oven!

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We have an Electrolux Icon single wall oven.

We are remodeling our kitchen now, but did have it hooked up for several months before we tore the kitchen out. We did a Thanksgiving with it, as well as quite a bit of baking after that. Ran the Self Clean cycle with no problems too. Everything went perfectly. I loved the probe thermometer for baking the turkey! The preheat seemed fine, and "rapid" preheat gets things up to temperature quickly.

If I were buying another oven today, I would want this same one.

Call the manufacturer. If service can not figure out how to fix it, shame on them. Demand it be repaired immediately or replaced.

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I am interested in this also- we ordered Electrolux Wave Touch 30" double ovens. They seem to be a favorite over on the appliance forum, so it's surprising you are having problems like this. sorry that is the case. I hope a service call can resolve things so you can enjoy your oven!

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I'm sorry your having problem. Is it still under warrantee? Have you contacted the store you bought it from? Or Electrolux? I bought my first oven at Sears, after 4 months I found out the self cleaning didn't work properly, it cleaned the oven but In between the glass it was filthy. I called service, they cleaned it, so I self gleaned it again same thing,,,,they came again...I did same thing, and kept calling for service. Eventually I wrote a letter to executive offices, a case was opened, they gave me a new oven....it works great, and I have no problems with it. So my suggestion is, start complaining!!! Good Luck!

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Your Electrolux oven sounds like my Electrolux fridge. About 5 repairs in the first 5 months. They replaced a bunch of stuff in the back panel and it still won't hold temp. One ice maker replaced. Seals adjusted. On and on.

That said, my Electrolox Wave Touch oven works really well. You might post your question next door at the Appliance Forum where several appliance experts hang out. Good luck.

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Thanks so much for your responses. We called the appliance salesman but they just told us to call Electrolux. First call was not much help but with your encouragement I will start calling often asking for some type of resolution...I'm not giving up yet. Glad to hear the positive input on these ovens. Maybe we just got a bad unit. We purchased the extended warranty so all is not lost yet.

We also purchased the Electrolux built in Refrigerator and so far have had good luck. Fingers crossed.

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We have the Elux Wave Touch single wall oven and no problems. Sounds like yours is sick. ;) Keep after them--they need to make it right for you.

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Which oven do you have? I am looking at the ikon single. Would just like to know before I commit.

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metrowmn, we have the Electrolux 30" electric icon wave touch single wall oven. We combined it with the wave touch microwave which is working fine.
ilene-84, we are still under warranty so I think I will have to start becoming a pest until this problem is resolved. Unfortunately the store we bought it from doesn't respond so I will work through Electrolux.
I am so glad I found this forum.....it is a great help!

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Well the technician arrived and it was quite an interesting experience......after recording the oven high and low temperatures over an hour period of time, it was determined the oven was 30 degrees too hot. The temperature was adjusted and I was told to buy a number of boxed cake mixes! I now need to bake boxed cakes noting the cook time as compared to the directions and adjust the temperature until one comes out just right. Ugh! Any one hungry? It was also explained to me that this is typical of any electronic oven.

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