noellabelle - Are you there? Gotta question.

Lake_GirlApril 22, 2012

Hi noellabelle, if you're out there. I was looking at your Lowes subway tile, and like how you ended them on the outer side. It doesn't seem that Lowes has a 3x6 bullnose-ended tile, so did you just end it with a regular tile? And how does it look in person?

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Hi, I am not Noellabelle, but I just went to Lowe's and saw their 25 cent subway with matching bullnose, chair rail and trim elements right next to it on the shelf.. was planning on using for a bath reno. After reading your post, I tried to find it on line and was unable. Will probably be there again this week and can report back if you are interested. They trim pieces certainly appeared to be the same color of the 25 Cent tile they advertise on line!

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I saw them, started to buy them. I just wish they had a 3" x 6" piece with a bullnose on the 3" side.

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dal tile does. just used them in bathroom for that reason!

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did you order them online or purchase them in the store? where? thanks!

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I just saw this doing a google search for something else....sorry on the year delay! : )

We just ended the row with regular tile. It has a slight roundedness, and it looks fine to me. We just made sure that the edges weren't cut, as the ones dh cut with the tile saw were definitely a sharper edge.

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