Baseboard application for beadboard

boxiebabeApril 16, 2008

We mid-remodel and our contractor just put the baseboard in where it was ripped out during the remodel. He couldn't find the exact baseboard that was used, so he used something he sees as "similar".

I'm not happy with it. The old baseboard (of which is still on the majority of our home), was more detailed and thicker. It came up over the edge of the beadboard and covered up the raw edge of the beadboard.

This new baseboard is actually installed just under the raw edge of the beadboard. It looks rinky dink and cheap.

Isn't the baseboard supposed to come up over the raw edge of the beadboard? Asking just so as I am prepared for the conversation I am going to have with him in the morning.



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My baseboard is on top of the beadboard. DS installed a style where the back of the baseboard is routed so the edge of the beadboard is hidden. i sounds rinky-dink! I wouldn't accept him saying caulk will cover it either.

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Circus Peanut

You are completely in the right, Boxie. The whole purpose of the baseboard is to neatly finish off the wall covering. And whatever you do, don't let him mention caulk! Caulk is the devil!

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Absolutely is should cover. We had this same problem, our trim supplier milled the baseboards to 1/2 inch thickness ( don't know why) our installers saw this and then decided to put baseboard sitting on beadboard. Looked terrible (obviously) they did the entire upstairs before I saw it. We didn't want to take it off so came up with a solution to router some shake mould and sit it a top baseboard. It ended up looking wonderful, a very good mistake it turned out. The supplier did give me credit for all the baseboard and the milling. But it was alot of extra work for finish guys etc.

I definitely don't think you should settle. To me this is an unacceptable finish method. You can see my baseboards pretty well in these 2 pics

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Thank you all soooo much! You gave me the confidence I needed to "get the job done". I spoke with my GC this morning. After a tiny bit of hemming and hawing, he agreed to get new baseboard and he used a router to take out a notch so the beadboard would slip in. He had one piece and had to order the rest, but the one piece he did do looks good. I am so glad that I have the GC I do, because there have only been 2 times counting this one, that I had to be kind of insistent - both times he apologized and took care of the situation at hand and we moved on without having any "funk".

Thanks again y'all!


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Glad you didn't get a g.c. who is "funky"!

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Glad you got the project done the way you wanted. Beadboard can be installed in a myriad of ways, but ultimately, it all comes down to the client's preference.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wainscoting

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