Best sliding door replacement?

jxbrownApril 16, 2012

I would like to replace some sliding doors including a ground floor master bedroom. What would be the best quality door; Andersen, Pella, or something else? What would be most secure?

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Marvin or Kolbe are two of the best residential sliding door system available. Andersen would be ok to decent and Pella would be at the very bottom of my list.

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I was at a friends house this weekend commenting on a slider we put in over 25 yrs ago. It is a 6'w Andersen vinyl clad. It still looks pretty dam good and functions perfectly. I distinctly remember, myself and a few other friends were floored that he paid $1200 back then. You get what you pay for.
This door has seen a lot of use, it functions as the back door to a deck and pool.

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Sorry if this is necroposting but I have the same question and am looking for some clarification on millworkman's answer.

I have a 72x80 opening to my patio that currently has an inward-swing patio door that's rusting out so I'm in the market for a a slider and I'm not overly fussy about looks/color/material. So when millworkman suggests Kolbe or Marvin is that applicable to just certain lines? I got a quote for a Integrity All-Ultrex slider starting at $1,100 which seems really reasonable but there are also the Infinity (All Ultrex) and Marvin (Aluminum) lines. Kolbe has five different lines ranging from what I assume are the cheapest (Latitude - vinyl) up to more expensive (Ultra - Aluminum).

So when Marvin/Kolbe are recommended over say Jeld-Wen, Pella, Anderson is there any necessary caveat for the cheaper lines?

(Yes, I just registered today, no I don't work for any of these companies. No axe to grind, just a lurker who is trying to get better value than I would find a big-box store. Read lots of threads, appreciate the insight on these forums.)

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Are you in a hurricane zone? That's a different world. Oceanfront? You need tinted turtle glass to contain your light pollution. Check everything.

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I'm in Michigan; no hurricanes or sea salt for me.

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Marvin Ultimate (either all wood or wood clad extruded aluminum), Integrity or Infinity (both Ultrex ((fiberglass)), or Kolbe Ultra (either all wood or wood extruded aluminum clad) are what I would recommend as the top choices in my opinion. Anything Jeldwen or Pella run the other way, Andersen depending on the series is ok.

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