Vinyl shakes vs fiber cement? help!

mindgameMarch 4, 2014

We're doing a remodel and trying to decide between vinyl shakes and fiber cement. Our architect originally spec'd cedar shingles but that seems to be a lot more maintenance than we'd like. Any thoughts on the durability and maintenance and other factors between vinyl shakes v fiber cement? Thanks!

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Fiber composite siding does need some maintenance. It needs to be painted and end cuts sealed to prevent moisture absorbtion. That sealing(at ends of rows and butt joints) needs periodic inspection/maintenance.

Vinyl does not need as much maintenance, but will fade over time and can get brittle, allowing impact cracks/holes.

15-20 years ago, I helped build about 60 Habitat for Humanity homes. Many had vinyl lap siding and many others had Hardi plank lap siding. I toured those areas last year and the painted Hardi siding looked better. Not a huge difference, since we used heavy guage vinyl, but enough to see a difference.

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Hardiplank is forever (meaning your lifetime). You can also paint it if you tire of the color. It is a good wood look alike. It is more expensive to install, with special requirements, including dust control.

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