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Disaster28April 13, 2014

Hi everyone!

I know that there are many experienced and knowledgeable people on this board and me and my husband don't fall into that category lol.

We are about to finalize our kitchen plan and put in the order and dont want to have over looked any details.

We cant afford a designer so we we at things on our own and are looking for input about our kitchen design to try to ensure we don't end up with a 'what the hell were we thinking!" moment once the reno is done.

I have been reading up on previous posts to try to cover all our bases but we are still hesitant to pull the trigger. Any suggestions, comments, words of caution with our plan?

Any thoughts would help!

Thanks in advance

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Here is the overhead of the layout. The island base is 4ft wide with a 12 inch over hang and approximately 8ft 2 inc long. There is a bump out at the stove which isnt shown. There is 4 ft cabinet to cabinet between the island and the stove wall cabinets.

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Did you plan for a dishwasher?

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Yes the dishwasher is in the island to the right of the sink. To the left of the sink is the pull out garbage receptacle.

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How high are the ceilings? How high will the cabinets go?

What's under the "glass cabinet to counter"? The base cabinet next to that is shown with doors - do you have a specific reason for having doors there instead of drawers?

How wide are the little cabinets on each side of the range? Will those be pullouts? I love the range between the windows, but I'm not sure I love those little cabinets. What kind of hood are you planning? It might look better without the cabs.

It looks like a nice space.

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Having just the one glass cabinet down to the counter would bother my sense of symmetry. Each of those aspects alone would bother me, but together it would feel like they weren't part of the same kitchen.

Consider eliminating both the small cabinets between the windows. It would open up the space visually.

Is there a reason to stop the pantry pull-outs with three? Seems like you could have a lot of great storage if you continued them higher.

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I am a third for losing those tiny cabs next to the range space or hood. They will not gain you anything you cannot get6 with surrounding cabinets.

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Thanks for all the comments!

- ceilings are 8 ft and cabinets will be going to ceiling (with a riser and crown moulding)

- in the end cabinet (under glass cabinet) there will be a built in wine/beverage centre

- the base cabinet has doors with a top drawer simply because its what we are used to! We have never lived in a kitchen with all drawers and we assumed that some base cabinets should have doors

- cabinets on side of range hood (which is a chimney style) are not pull outs and are 12' wide. I plan to use them for spices and tea. I was hoping that for this purpose they would suffice as I'm not sure where else I would put those items if I removed those cabinets

- as for only having one glass cabinet; it was something we struggled with. We were originally going to have the two small cabinets beside the range hood also be glass but with them being so narrow we nixed that idea. We have seen the glass cabinet to the counter and fell in love with the idea and would really like to keep it. Plus it helps with having a place to display our fancy champagne glasses we got for our wedding without having to buy a "huge and totally not my thing" hutch

Thank you again for the is nice to get different and experienced perspectives

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I had a 12" cabinet next to the stove in my old kitchen - spices and teas! It was not especially useful, though I suppose if I had two of them, with half as much stuff in each, it wouldn't have been so hard to find things. A 12" cab is deeper than wide, and feels like a cave. In your case especially, where the cabinets would block the light and view from the windows, I would skip them.

Several people here have used a top drawer for spices, and been very happy with the result. I've posted a link below to a good thread.

Drawers are much more efficient than doors, but it's important to figure out what will go where. My cabinets were custom built, so I was able to specify drawer heights, to make sure the things I would put there would fit. For example, I have cake pans stored vertically in the bottom drawer of a 3-drawer stack, so I needed over 10" of usable height. The middle drawer in that stack got whatever room was left.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spice drawer thread

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Where is you dining table?

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We had spices in a narrow cabinet before and it was a constant hunt for the spice we needed. Have them in a drawer now and love it! Also moved my tea collection to a top drawer - great use of space.

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Dittto annkhs whole first parargraph. I just tore out my two 12ers because they were impossible to sort through for what I needed. Mine will now go in a top drawer beside the stove.

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The dining table is on the left side of the drawing. The main floor is open concept and you can see the kitchen from the front door (the door is located across from the range).

Since it seems that the general feeling is the two cabinets beside the hood vent are awkward we were playing with the idea of having them be glass door cabinets. I did some mock ups of the kitchen without cabinets and the traditional part of me just has a hard time wrapping my head around that sort of 'look'.
We decided to go with spice pullouts beside the range to compensate.

I was thinking that maybe that would kinda have somewhat of the same effect as open shelving....sorta....or am I totally off the mark.

Oh and there are three pull outs in the pantry and the rest are fixed shelving.
I took a look at the spice drawer idea and now I want more drawers!!! I thought I wouldn't have a use for top drawers but now I'm hooked. Thankfully I have 5.

On another note....are posts beside the fridge visually that important? They are 4 inches wide for each and take up a total of 8 inches of space. We have a regular (not built in) fridge. Not sure if I want to sacrifice the space and the money to get them.

And of course....thanks for your input:)

Can't wait for the day I get to post reveal pics:)

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