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karpetSeptember 16, 2011

How many quilts do you have in your head? Ones that you've either mentally or physically set aside fabric for, know the pattern you want to make, or who it would be for?

I guess a second part of the question, assuming there are several quilts in your head waiting to be made, what is your time frame for making these? How long does it take to make a quilt - or how many do you make in a year?

Just wondering if there is any hope of getting all the ideas in my mind turned into finished products and I scare myself with how many more ideas I keep coming up with! I even limit myself to simpler patterns so that I can do more!

How about you?


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"I even limit myself to simpler patterns so that I can do more!"

Funny you should say that! Although I have been quilting for about 25 years, I find myself making fairly simple quilts just so I can get them done. My time is limited because I am still working full time. I have several quilts that will be for "some day when I retire."

For myself, I have 3-4 bed quilts that I want to make in the future. And I want to make lap quilts for both my sons (they each have a bed quilt I have made them). Then, we continue to do a round robin group project every two years. And I want to continue to make quilts on commission to help pay for my hobby. And the list goes on.....


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It would take me some time to count all the projects in the works or that have fabric pulled. Then there are many others I keep seeing and saying "Gee, I'd like to make that".

I tend to work in spurts... I'll make a bunch, then I'll go for awhile without accomplishing anything. That's how my life works out. When I get right down to it, it's not hard to complete a quilt top in a few weeks. A bit longer to get it quilted depending on what I want to do (just finishing 2-5yo UFOs)

I don't think there's ever a chance of completing everything of interest because new techniques & patterns keep being introduced. Besides, then there wouldn't be any drive or reason to continue creating.

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I have fabric pulled for 4. I also have bunches of I-spy squares left from previous quilts and a nice collection of HSTs in various sizes that will eventually be used in a quilt, but not for a while. I have a list of patterns I would love to do that just seems to keep growing.

Like Jennifer, I work in spurts. Gotta plan around work, bike trips, and keeping grands.


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I have a list on my bulletin board. Right now there are only 3 in progress, but 8 that I either have kits or have collected fabric, and 10 on the "some day" list. One of those will be started very soon...I've had a T shirt quilt on my to-do list for a long, long time and next weekend a T shirt quilt class is starting at Quilt University!

I don't really have a time frame to actually make these. I've been trying really hard to finish ones that are started and my next goal will be making the kits/on hand projects. Of course, I keep starting new things that aren't even on the list!


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So many quilts, so little time!!!
I have been keeping a binder with pics and instructions for quilts I would like to make, taken from magazines or the net and even from this site. Mostly lately I have have been doing "chemo" quilts, so lap sized. But I do like them to have a nice design.
The wedding sampler was the last "big" one finished and I expect that there will be another GS getting married next. So that means another biggie.
If I can work without too may interruptions, (cleaning, shopping, cooking), or my back gives out, I can get a good amount done.
But this site inspires me!!!

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I have a couple in mind but feel guilty starting anything new with all the ones that are unfinished I keep thinking about.


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I am an inspirational quilter not a planner. I do have some things that I would like to try but until what I am working on is finished it will be put on the "back burner". I usually do 2-3 quilts a year. That may vary if they are smaller then bed sized. I like to try new techniques and have some unfinished UFO's because of that.

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I agree with nannykins - so many quilts, so little time!

Seems like I always have at least 2-3 that I am ready to start, but if something else strikes my fancy, I am off in a different direction! I tend to collect fabrics for projects and don't always have a pattern in mind - just colorway.

I have loads of UFOs that need sandwiching & quilting ... I jove the piecing part and like the quilting part - it's the sandwiching that seems to cause my backlog!

I foolishly thought that when I retired I would have more time to quilt - and I have a little more, but traveling & volunteerin & working on the house seem to fill all that "extra" time!


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I have too many to count and a few dozen more in my head. I keep a pad of graph paper handy at all times so I can record new ideas. Typically the newest idea is the one on the top of the list, unless I have a deadline on a current project. I love the planning almost as much as the quilting.

I tend to make them pretty fast once I get the fabric and start cutting. (It's a combination of obsession and impatience.) But there aren't enough hours in a year for me to make all of them that I want to make!


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I have so many that I want to do that I forget about them when another comes along lol!!! I found a gorgeous
quilt-a-long started to write theings down then remebered about a year ago I had ALREADY written this down. I am the chairman for our blood drive and that has been keeping me busy.

Teresa, I thought when I retired I would have so much more time WRONG. Quilters are givers and you will be so involved in everythig else!

Donna I love Fran and I'm sure that will be an excellent class. I was amazed at how many signed up for the EQ7 class I took. She is great and I'm looking forward to the next EQ7 class in October.

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Ahhh, there is so little time! I still have fabric that I intended to use in a certain project and am now finding that I'm not that interested in doing anymore, but it is still hard to re-designate that fabric! I also get too many ideas, and the most current usually goes to the top of the list. I have been trying to be disciplined and finish a quilt or quilts before I start another one - that is unless a time-crunch project comes along, like a baby or a wedding or a sickness, etc. But I have started doing 2 at one time (different fabrics, same pattern or same fabrics w/ different layout.) I got the idea from someone on here who did a Pam Bono pattern with cows as a 2 for 1.


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