Do you have carrera marble backsplash? Is it kitchen friendly?

cathy725April 7, 2013

I'm in the middle of my remodel and I'm trying to figure out my backsplash. I've got some carrera marble 3" x 6" tiles that might be the answer. It looks good with the current paint, but until I get the granite in, I won't be able to make a final decision.

What has been your experience on how this type of backsplash holds up to cooking, grease, splashes, etc. I will seal the marble and the research I've done shows that sealing it will help keep it looking good. I've found more information on marble countertops than actual marble backsplashes in use (lots of pretty pictures, though).

Thanks for any information on marble backsplashes in action. My granite will be volga blue, my walls are a light gray, and I think this might work for my backsplash!

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I have a marble slab b-splash behind my range. It's Vermont Danby, and it's very white.

My marble is sealed with Porous Plus 511, and I have no problems at all with staining on my b-splash, even when tomato sauce, etc. splatters and I don't notice it/wipe it until the next day. I may be able to find some small oil marks that have been neglected, if I look very closely, but it basically still looks like the day it was installed, about 14 mos. ago.

I probably have etches from those types of splashes, but IMO, etches are hard to see on a b-splash unless the light is exactly right. (My counters, on the other hand, are full of very visible etches!)

I also have a friend with a carrara tile b-splash, she has a large family and does a lot of cooking. It's been about 3 years, and her b-splash has held up beautifully, and still looks great.

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Thanks! Glad to hear splashes, tomato sauce, etc aren't a problem. Like you, I'm not too worried about etching, since the vertical surface will tend to hide it.

I'm hoping once the granite arrives I still like the marble tiles. (I only have a small sample to use right now). It sure would be nice to have that decision made.

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I also have carrara backsplash and have had no problems at all with it. If I am making red sauce, I just make sure to wipe behind the stove any splashes. Even if it is a few hours, there is no stain left. I also did forget a few times and although you could see a little stain, it faded a few days after wiping. HTH!

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Cathy, I'd reccomend that you try to get as many of the tiles as possible to look at prior to making a commitment. One reason is that theres a wide vartiation in carrara, especially the stuff they use to make tiles.

Secondly, gray tiles can sometimes "gray out" or look dingy under upper cabs (because of the shadows). This can be really disappointing. (I once scrapped a whole b-splash b/c when installed, it went totally dingy. Had I gotten more sample tiles, I could've avoided that expensive nightmare.)

If you can adhere 10 or so tiles to the wall and live with it for a week or so, looking at it in various lights at different times of the day, it'd be ideal.

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I love ours, it has held up well. I accidentally stained it with a dot of marinara sauce right behind the sink before it was sealed. I used a cotton ball with peroxide taped on it overnight and it took the stain right away. It might have etched it but I wouldn't be able to tell at all. I sealed it that day and no more staining at all in over a year.

Our range came with a bonus backsplash (it cost extra, did not oreder it, but came with the range anyhow) that the installers put in while I was out. Originally I did not want any extra stainless steel, but now I am glad I did as I don't need to worry so much about messy cooking and the marble BS. So I would recommend that if you decide on it.

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Madaline--Thanks for the suggestion. I have about 16 of the tiles so once the granite is in, I can set up the tile and see how I like it in different lights. Gray is a trick color--the wall color I picked looked really gray when I painted a sample on two different walls, but sometimes it reads more blue--which I think will be fine with the volga blue--I'm really happy with the color right now. How do you suggest temporarily adhering the tiles to the wall?

ratrem--Thanks for the info and photos. I'm reusing my stove (which has a backspash or whatever they call it) so that should help with the main splashes. I'm just happy to hear that with sealing there doesn't seem to be much problem with stains.

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Hi Cathy,

I think another GWer actually recommended using a glue gun to adhere the tiles to the wall--or maybe to a piece of cardboard that you prop up against the wall. I guess you'd sacrifice those sample tiles, but I'm not sure that double sides tape would be strong enough.

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We have carrera marble subways and love them. Sealed with the 511 stuff. Hasn't been an issue in 2 years with the new kitchen. I actually got boxes of the tiles in Home Depot (the cheapest per square foot, plus they weren't attached to a board so I could actually place them on the backsplash to see how they looked). I bought double the amount we needed, sifted through and returned the unused ones, and noted any damaged tiles to the store. By doing this we paid $4.79/sq foot vs. the $18.99 that the tile store wanted. And comparing both side to side, you couldn't tell the difference.

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Fivefootzero--Beautiful backsplash! Your cabinets are about the same color as mine, so I love seeing the marble with the cabinets. I like how the outlet covers also blend in very well.

Rumor has it that I could have the granite in as early as end of this week/early next week. I'll post photos for comments! (GC started that rumor, but I won't hold my breath--just cross my fingers!)

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