Seek advice of protecting floor and cabinets during remodeling.

janesylviaMarch 22, 2013

I am having my house remodeled. Kitchen won't be remodeled and the cabinets in the hallway bathroom won't be changed. I found the edge of my kitchen cabinets and one of the drawers in the bathroom got scratched, and the floor had one scratch. Is there any good material that I can buy and apply by myself to protect cabinets and floor? The contractor did not do a good job in protecting the floor and cabinets.

Thank you very much.

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Put homasote or sound deadening board on the floors and wrap bubble wrap on the cabinets maybe, taping it with blue painters tape.

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I tape down red rosin paper, usually 2 layers, to protect floors where we'll be walking.

Lay 1/8" masonite on top of that for heavy duty protection.

For cabinets, furniture blankets draped over the countertop and face of the cabinet, weighed down with masonite or plywood to protect the countertop.

Tape off with plastic over that, if dust control is also a concern.

You can demolish stucco with Hilti hammers and not worry about a thing.

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Americover 800-747-6095. We have a few options for protecting your surfaces. We carry a Countertop cover that is self adhesive, but it doesn't transfer residue. It's ideal for protecting granite counter tops, laminate counter tops, Corianî counter tops, marble counter tops and laboratory tops.

We also carry an affordable dust containment system. Especially since dust is a major health concern. Check out our website for more products that save you time and protect your surfaces.

Here is a link that might be useful: Americover

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I gotta wonder how much a roll of that sticky plastic
in pic above costs!!

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Who would want to do business with someone who violates simple TOS?

They agree to 'no advertising' when they signed up.

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