Viking Appliances? Yes No?

acw6455March 17, 2012

Hello to everyone! I am new here so please forgive me if I am posting to the wrong forum!

I am re-doing my kitchen appliances and here are the appliances I am interested in. ( prices reflect quotes done by appliance store ) Please voice your opinions as I am not familiar with appliances and I do not want to make a mistake in buying a bad brand.

VCFF136SS 36" French Door(no ice maker) $3590

VDSC5304BSS 30" Dual fuel range $4840

VWH3010SS 30" Wall Hood W/21 10"H $990

VWCI1240GRSS 24" Wine center $2620

VDB40SS 24" PRO DW $980 ( they gave me 750 off )

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I'm sure someone will post here about how they love their viking appliances, but most independent testing shows that the high end appliances are actually the LEAST reliable. You are paying for the name brand, not quality.

eg this is what consumer reports has to say about the gas version of that viking range. The wiring actually melted on 2 separate units. Viking had to redesign it so ti wasn't a fire hazard. Even after the repairs, it still rated lower than the mass market brands.

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In 2005 we purchased a Viking gas range with grill, hood, exhauster, and refrigerator. It all has worked well. The range is particularlly easy to clean (open burners). We have had several service calls on the fridge - that we're not happy about, but the design and function works well.

Remember that manufacturer's buy most of the parts. In many cases there may be only 1 or 2 suppliers. So a Viking, Wolf, Thermador, etc may have some of the same parts. The same for refrigeration compressors and cold controls, expansion valves, etc.

I would make sure I liked the layout, easy of cleaning, etc.

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Check their warranty. You'll be un-pleasantly surprised to see what and how long they aren't for the big bucks you're spending.

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Hey my friend closed his high end appliance store and has lots of subzero, dacor, wolf appliances, grills, etc. to off load. write me at and I can get you more info

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I wouldn't unless you are wanting to make a fashion statement. If you want something economical buy something that has parts readily available, unless you have a back up fridge. An appliance repairman told me to stay away from LG and Samsung because parts are hard to come by. But, a Sub-Zero fridge or Wolf stove sure looks cool and helps a house sell.

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