Do you follow the Young House Love blog?

bac717June 19, 2011

I don't remember how I originally found this blog and I haven't been following it too closely, lately, but wanted to share this article that appeared in our local paper today.

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I have looked at their blog several times. Honestly, I'm not really very fond of their decor. Everything really has a DIY cheap-o look to it. Not that DIY is bad, but something about their work just looks unfinished to me. I mean honestly, are either of them trained at all as designers or artists? They just come across as rabid Trading Spaces fans that have gone all the way. I don't really care for the humor they use in their writing. I don't really need EVERYTHING to turn into a joke!

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Whoa...since when do you have to be trained as a designer or artist to have style others can enjoy? And isn't part of it just documenting the process of decorating, as opposed to dispensing wisdom from on high?

I don't follow it closely, but I do check in from time to time. I've liked the overall effect of a few of their rooms, though I can't think of anything I've tried to copy (wait...except the drum shade light, via a couple different links, perhaps Apartment Therapy?).

Their writing style I can't really comment on, since I usually skim while looking at pictures. I did like the old posts on their paint colors and how their palette evolved.

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Well as someone who has been redoing a house now for the past 5 years I can say with an experienced eye, their rooms do not look unfinished and considering how young they are, I think it's a great accomplishment. Anyone who has ventured to get their hands dirty and actually do the work for months on end knows how hard what they're doing is.

Once again Jock, it's not what you say, it's how you say it.

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I just went back and "toured" their new house & old house. Nothing looked "unfinished" to me in the old house. The new house is clearly in progress. I'm less attracted to the brighter palette they're using so far in the new house than I was to the old house's soft colors, but I think both houses are done in good taste and are likely more thoroughly decorated than mine will ever be.

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Young House Love has many different features that have made it a successful blog in the sense that they are engaging writers and have a good knack for diy decorating.

I think there are bits of useful diy stuff in there, but I do see a cheaper aesthetic probably having to do with the Ikea vibe that it gives off. Projects do not seem to take their time and there is not a collected over time element that would give substance to their design.

From a designer point of view, I do not find it inspirational and seek other design blogs that I think are better at giving more dimensional design. Also, their cutesy, jokey way not only gives me cavities but makes it more abut the couple than about the design.

Still, for inexperienced, I think their young, approachable vibe resonates with lots of viewers.

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I read their blog fairly regularly, and I find it entertaining for what it is. Yes, their home and their projects are not the kind you'd find by a famous designer in AD, but what I enjoy about their projects is the accessibility. The majority of people have budgets and resources that are closer to theirs than somebody in AD; so, I think it's a more realistic way to approach decorating than some of the things you'd see in design magazines. The design magazines offer great inspiration, but most of what's in them aren't attainable for the average person. Many of their projects are low budget and some of them may not look high end, but some of them are very impressive. For example, the patio that they made was incredible. I doubt that many of us would have the courage to tackle something like that, and it turned out wonderful.
I think that their writing style is appropriate for their audience and for who they are. They are a young couple and don't try to pretent to be professionals, and they poke fun at themselves and don't take themselves too seriously.

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Mick Mick

I follow it. Their decorating style is not MY style, but I really love that they are DIYers. They are making a home that is their own and they are doing it together.

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I don't follow but do read occasionally. I second gobruno and divastyle. I love that they include "the bean"!


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I don't follow the blog but I've been to it a few times and probably will go back again. I'm not a big blog reader in general but if I'm looking for an idea or an inspiration, I might hop around on home blogs.

That said, I like the blog for it's before and afters. I think they do very nice work! I don't read the words (unless I'm trying to find info about something in the photo) so I can't comment on that part. Everything is not my style, especially so with the new house. The old house fits my vibe more.

I think perhaps the "collected" thing is more of a personal preference, if not an age gap. I don't care for clutter or layers. I love crisp, open, fresh, clear and airy. I'm not a world traveler or a collector nor do I aspire to be either.

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I do read their blog on occasion - usually several posts at a time.

I'm not sure I would call their blog purely decorating. I think it is more of a DIY blog and for the budget minded and I don't think they claim to be decorators eithers.I see it as a DIY blog on home matters. Whether that is decorating/painting/doing a party etc.

It looks unfinished and empty because they simply aren't done. Just working towards things. I would guess anybody on a budget takes that approachband it probably part of the appeal of the blog to many, for others it is the budget and the how-to do it. It is not my style, but this is one blog where I actually read the text, because reading I also get resonates with me on some of the decisions and what they did or they why's. They also go back and change things as they weren't happy with them a little later. Very familiar to my own process. They also don't always end up where they intended to start with. I would say common among the masses too.

So their style might not be the same as many, but the process to get there if you are DIY is probably familiar to many unless you are one of those pro's and get it right the first time.

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Sorry, I didn't think there was a problem with me simply expressing my opinion. I don't really care for their style, sorry! I would certainly appreciate if people would quit commenting on my posts. I wasn't rude to anyone! Lukkirish, I really don't need your advice on how I need to say things, thank you very much.

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There is nothing wrong with expressing an opinion but why do you have to put everything down that isn't to YOUR freaking taste? They work really hard on their home, how would you feel if someone were to describe your space in the same way? Maybe you're just jealous at their success. Whatever the reason, you don't have to elaborate in such a mean ways when you don't care for something. Truth be told, that's why I've never commented on your spaces because I don't have anything nice to say about them. Get my drift?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"

Generally, a good idea.
But I think this thread is about to get pulled too.

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I started this post mainly because I read in the article from my newspaper they have a book deal for 2012. I probably should have written more in my initial post about that. Their style is not my style either - a little too trendy, but I'm sure there are many in their age group who find a lot of inspiration and how-to's on their site.

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I am in their age group... and their budget level, haha. I do read YHL daily. While sometimes they can go over the top with the jokes, I really appreciate their approach to DIYing: as lyfia said, they do, they re-do, and they don't always get what they aimed for. As a first time homeowner and fledgling DIYer, they inspire me.

I also didn't really care for their new aesthetic previously, but there was one picture in today's post that was lighted in such a way that I could finally see what they were seeing. It was the picture of the LR at night with the lamps, actually.

I'm glad they got the book deal, they deserve it. I look forward to seeing what they'll do with the rest of the house.

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Lori A. Sawaya

How many times have we been down this road?

No one needs to adjust how they write, rather the responsibility lies with the READER. 100% accountability is on the reader, not the writer. Change how you choose to interpret what other people write/say because that is the only thing you have control over -- yourself.

B1tch, moan and scold all ya want but you will never be successful in dictating to and instructing other grown ups on how to *speak* and *sound* on a public forum.

Disagree all you want to but telling another adult how to behave when you can't possibly know the intent behind the written word is not helpful or constructive. It's just a waste of everyone's time and gets other people into the pointless fray of trying to GUESS what someone else intended.

On a public forum trying to read between the lines believing you know what someone REALLY meant when they casually wrote something in a thread is a bad choice.

And even if it is crystal clear what someone meant and it's not to your liking or in alignment with how you think everyone else in the world needs to conduct themselves, you can't change other people. But you can change the choices you make. Don't chose to read threads/posts lookin' for something to get nudge your nose outta joint over. And if you can't do that, then learn to just scroll on by and move on to threads that don't upset you.

It's a public forum and as long as T.O.S. is followed everyone is free to express themselves as however they wish. The forum already has an admin. And IMO the admin here clearly understands she's the admin of a public forum and not the mom hosting playgroup.

Sorry, lukki, but this is one time I don't agree with you. (hey, bound to happen sometime) Jocke's clear thinking and articulation of opinion is the foundation of a healthy, intelligent forum.

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hmm feel the need to weigh in here and will probably get slammed for it. I have noticed that this forum and the kitchen one, which I visit most, are more and more frequently containing posts that I consider to be "snobbish". Those of us who are DIYers or make budget friendly choices should not be slammed for it. I recently put in laminate countertops, and from some comments you would think my house is a slum and I must grovel in poverty. One person actually wrote when asked for laminate advice (by another poster)that she had never seen a laminate countertop that was acceptable. I see nothing wrong with making over used things to redecorate or accent your house. You should not be made to feel bad that you want to redecorate but don't have huge sums of money to do so. There are hopefully other people on here who can not afford to spend $30,000 on a kitchen makeover, or buy the top name rugs, appliances, and furniture only to scrap them in a few years when the trends change. Sometimes I feel apprehensive about sharing advice I have because I know others are going to look down on it, and I bet others feel the same. "Keeping up with the Joneses" and overspending to please others' expectations is what has gotten many people into the current financial trouble that is plaguing the country. If having the best of everything and turning up your nose at others who you feel are beneath you is your thing - have at it. I'll just keep DIYing and paying my mortgage. There's my two cents.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Again, ahs, you assume an awful lot. Quit reading snobbish into everything you read. Quit focusing on the points other people make. Instead, expend your energy on making your points about budget friendly stronger, better and more articulate. Because, again, that's all you have control over. Your opinions and the points you can make and the ideas you can contribute.

I don't understand spending energy on apprehensive because "you know others are going to look down on it". How do you know that? You can't know that.

Chosing to anticipate negative and nasty is as bad as if not worse than actually being negative and nasty. Maybe all they meant is exactly what they wrote -- they just don't like that look, that style of design and it doesn't have one fat thing to do with *feelings* real or imagined. Or, even more ridiculous thinking someone is "beneath them" based strictly on the kind of end table (or whatever) they're attracted to or backsplash they can afford. My head doesn't even go there and I struggle to understand where this kind of thinking comes from.

All my years on forums, I have never been able to understand why. Why so many chose to impart SO MUCH assumed emotion into a few lines of text that a perfect stranger wrote. Why do so many people choose to go down the *hurt feelings* route or *offended* road without hesitation instead when reaching for constructive disagreement and debate?

It really is okay to disagree, be different and stand out from the herd at hand.

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I enjoy their blog mainly because they show how you can have a modest home and still decorate it and have it be trendy and not have a TON of money to do so. I liked their first home and it was sort of sweet how they took a simple ranch and made it their own. I am not one to read a lot of the blog posts on any blog unless I want to know how they did something. I am a picture scanner! :)

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Weather you like their style or not
you got to hand it to them
they obviously have a following.

For both of them to be able to stay home and raise a child
just on the income form their blog and various articles
is what I think many bloggers hope to achieve..

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I have been reading these blogs for a long time at least since 2004 probably. Many many times I have seen people make comments that belittle others be it inquiries regarding an economical diy project or a color choice of drapes or paint. This isnt new people, maybe they dont mean to be offensive, maybe actually they are snobby, but whichever, it happens. There isnt a positive way to take a comment telling someone to put in granite instead of painting formica because its a cheap fix. Period. Painting laminate is a cheap fix, but do we think the OP doesnt know this? Really a little common sense people. In these days many people are not in a position to remodel if they are fortunate to still be in their homes. If you cant be helpful maybe its better to decide not to post anything and move to another thread. And we have all seen those people who have guts enough to have tried to do something like paint laminate and it turns out looking fabulous.

Maybe its helpful to state up front you are working with a budget, thus your options are ... Then it clarifies why you are making your decisions, this should eliminate those helpful suggestions about higher end choices.

I dont think ahs is off the mark at all, snippy is snippy and snobby is snobby. We can all see those comments at time and just because we all dislike hyper sensitivity doesnt mean there isnt and hasnt been bullies and rudeness here over the years. Ive seen some doozies.
Ahs even made her statement at the risk of getting slammed. There are times where we banter around ideas, hoping to be helpful, but when someone is chosing laminate or painting laminate, and they are on gardenweb, do we really need to educate them to the benefits and beauty of granite when they are trying to stay in a budget? If the thread isnt something you have an interesting perspective on or beneficial insight to offer, why bother? I wouldnt go on a thread of a diyer and tell them to just go buy a freaking new dresser for pittys sake, instead of painting a craigslist find. Why go there? If I did, I would expect to be called negative, and they would be right.

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I read the blog. I preferred their first house with the softer color palette. I just can't get over that cavernous living room they have with the parque floors. I also think that wall of photos is a little overdone. And the horse art they added to their bedroom walls was a misfire, too.

I think some of their ideas are genius, though, and I love to read about the different projects they undertake. The writing is sort of silly, but I mostly look at the photos too.

I'm interested to see what they do with the kitchen in this house.

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I do occasionally read YHL's blog. Their's is the one blog that is pretty different from my style but I enjoy looking at their projects. I'm not really sure what the difference is. I like that they're goofy and I also appreciate that they take the time to add clarification when they certainly don't need to. For example, not related to decorating, the cloth diaper thing comes to mind. They're all for it but made a point to explain they're not against regular diapers,etc. it works for them and they're just sharing what they know. And if they totally hated disposable diapers, that's fine but it's just the fact that they take the extra time to expand. They don't come across as snobby or rude. I think they seem like very nice and down to earth people and I believe that's what makes their blog more appealing to me.

I didn't realize they've accomplished all that they have through that blog. A book? That's cool. Congratulations to them!

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I liked their old house better.

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Maybe its helpful to state up front you are working with a budget, thus your options are ... Then it clarifies why you are making your decisions, this should eliminate those helpful suggestions about higher end choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: petty

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Lori A. Sawaya

Hyper-sensitivity - yes, good term. Maybe I'm an old and jaded forum rat but even the painfully obvious snippy and snobby just doesn't get to me any more. I'm looking past it to get to bits of useful info and commentary. Because there is often interesting tidbits buried in the noise.

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Petty, we call those types of links SPAM

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Lori A. Sawaya

Why would anyone want to buy soil paintings? It's either about pcitures of dirt or the worse url on the planet.

My apologies in advance if that sounds snippy.

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Almost anything can come across as snippy or snobby....if you let it. On a forum that's largely about personal taste, you can't let that kind of thing get to you. I'm definitely on a budget and am currently redoing every room in my new house on way less money than YHL. Is it still new, now that I've lived here for nearly 6 months, hehe? Yikes! I've found this (and the kitchen) forum to be very helpful and never hesitate to comment.

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funcolors, I don't agree in large with your perspective but yes, we can agree to disagree :c)

Hyper-sensitive? I don't think that's a good term at all. To me, it just says it's okay to be rude at anyone's expense and if someone doesn't like it, tough. Through the years, I've also found that a lot of people who like to use that term, are the worse offenders. Please know, I say that in general and am not pointing fingers. :c) I find it hard to believe that so many people in today's society think it's okay to treat others with such little regard.

ahs23440, snobbish is the perfect description to what I'm referring to. Your post was dead on, thank you. I could care less if Jock likes the blog or not, but why does she have to be so nasty about it? There's no need to put down what doesn't fit her preference. I'm not a follower of the blog mentioned, but check in on it now and again. Obviously, they are doing something right or they would not have the following they have or be getting the media attention they are getting.

Polly, thank you for speaking up as well, you too were dead on.

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I think it's a charming house and a sweet couple.
Not everything has to be purchased from the best stores,
or designed by a professional designer.

Decorating to me is putting your personal ideas and creativity in your home decor.

We're extreme DIY'ers and not because we are on a budjet or can't afford to buy what we
want, but because we love doing everything ourselves, woodworking, cabinetry, furniture making,
upholstery, window treatments, draperies, shades, plumbing, antique restoration, clock making, gardening and much's all quite rewarding, and so fun living creatively in a house with so much of us in it! It may not be everyones taste, but hey,
we're out to just please ourselves. It's our 'Garden Party!'

We also love doing things together as a couple, and creating things that are uniquely us.

I imagine this young couple feels the same way, their
creativity will just keep on evolving...Good for them.

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While I am not a follower of the YLH blog, I have just taken a look to see what all the fuss is about. Now that I have, I remember seeing the blogging couple has been featured on a couple of daytime shows - Nate Berkus, that type of decor hybrid show.

I think their blog is cute, they do alot to improve their home. Whether it is in my personal style doesn't matter. They are just a young couple trying to make the best home/life possible for themselves and their young child. Also, they are working within a budget. It is tough to be that age, have a young child and make a nice home. Give them a break. You don't have to follow that blog, if it isn't your style, find another blog to follow. Not a blog lover, so I guess I don't get why anyone is so invested.

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I don't get the uproar over someone's opinion of a blog. It's not like the blogger is a poster on this forum. And from what I read on the link provided I don't think the bloggers care what any of us think ... they're laughing all the way to the bank.

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Fun, thanks for being the voice of reason. I don't know what Lukk's problem is, but she is the one who is nasty--telling me I'm rude and nasty and then basically saying all of my rooms are unattractive, all because I said I didn't like someone's blog!!!! And that's all I'll say about the subject. Of course there is nothing wrong with DIY, it's when it looks like DIY is when it starts to look bad. I remember my mother used to tell me about her home economics teacher who said something to the effect that a good sewer is one who could make things look like they weren't homemade. I just don't think the YHL people's house looks very well put together and just don't like it. I agree with others that I liked their first home much better. And I am jealous of them in only one regard--I wish I could get paid to sit home and write about decorating and make a living doing it!

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Natal, I agree, I don't either. Young House Love is obviously doing something right but that doesn't mean that anyone has to like their aesthetic.

I also agree that there should be honest opinions allowed unless it results in name calling and such. It's a known fact for those in the design field that they will have their work scrutinized within an inch of it's life but some of that can be quite constructive. I'm sure their skin is thicker than most think.

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It's getting to be a bit difficult to know when/how/to whom to be honest in this forum lately. It sometimes feel like you're damned if you do say how you really feel about decor that's shared here. Certainly, nobody has to be cruel - but let's face it, many of us feel passionately about what we like and what we don't like, and certain rooms/designs are going to elicit strong responses at times. It feels like we're struggling a bit lately (myself included) in how we relate to one another vs. how we choose to express our thoughts re decor. I don't understand why that is. Is the moon full?

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I think it's absolutely wonderful that a young couple can live their dream and support their family with a blog! How 21st C. is that!!! Whether I, or anyone, likes/loves their style it really doesn't matter when they have such a following and success.

As to snippy and snobby comments they will always be with us unfortunately. Just part of the territory of many different personalities on the net. I suspect there are more of us that decorate frugally than those who are in major debt with their extravagant decor but we're more likely to proudly post on T2T or the Junk forums where little snobbery exists.

IMO accountability goes both ways - with the writer as well as the reader. Otherwise it's anarchy.

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Lori A. Sawaya

There's no need to put down what doesn't fit her preference.

Wise words that should apply across the board.

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I would be interested to know if any of you feel you have your self-esteem too tied up in your decorating, and why? (I know I do. If someone sees my decorating (in person) and doesn't say anything, I feel like they don't like it and therefore it must not be too good. If someone does compliment it, wow, that makes me happy! (I wish I wasn't so insecure about it!!)

Maybe that's how some of us on the forum are- it really hurts our feelings if we think people don't like what we've done. And sometimes if our feelings are hurt, we strike out.

So that's why I think it doesn't hurt to be halfway nice- to the poster, we might be criticizing them, not just their decor.

On the other hand, people who ask shouldn't be too sensitive, after all, they did ask.

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_____ is a loser = cruel

_____ looks cheap = passionate opinion

I may not agree about what looks cheap but it's not cruelty. People who make blogs for the public are subject to all kinds of opinion about their work.

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Speaking of blogs and opinions ... appears there's a bit of a backlash going on against The Pioneer Woman. People have created parody blogs and today I read about her use of the word retard to describe her younger brother who is developmentally disabled. They've been deleted from her early blog entries.

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whoa, natal, had to pick myself up off the floor from reading that one. Just so I have it clear, are you saying Pioneer Woman said that, or the parody blogs said it? (Either way it's not cool.) Sounds like she said it, but want to be sure I'm not misinterpreting. Holy cow...

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Apparently she said it. Someone posted a screen shot of the original post and then the revised version ... as it now appears.

Here is a link that might be useful: a thread on Ree Drummond

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Funny, just the other day I stumbled upon the parody/hater blogs. I read PW's blog daily but I wouldn't say I'm a fan. I question her legitimacy a little. I don't think she lies about anything or tries to cover-up her money-enhanced life but she does seem to put forth a "just a down home rancher wife" persona a little too much.

At this point, she owns a multimillion dollar corporation and her day to day activities involve a whole lot more than being a rancher's, homeschooling wife that just so happens to like to cook, take pretty pictures and is computer savvy. I'm mostly entertained by her blog but sometimes her writing makes me cringe.

And yes, apparently she used to refer to her brother as retarded (you know, in a cute endearing sort of way) until the PR people told her to cut it out and her blog was scrubbed of all "retarded" references. However, the hater/parody blogs managed to do a bunch of copy/paste and screen shots of the the references.

I don't know, I'm a little torn about 'ol Pee-Dubya.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Politically correct people may dislike her use of that word, but she is my age and growing up, that was the word that was used everywhere. And, I don't think there is any question that she deeply loves her brother.

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BB, lots of other words were used when we were growing up. Let's not go there.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Blogosphere and the www in general is full of bullsh1t. Color world is just a tiny fraction and it was apparent to me early on that there were many entering the online arena with an amount of experience and color knowledge that wouldn't fill a freakin' thimble.

Really, it's just a matter of time before blogosphere completely implodes. If the scammers haven't monetized yet, they aren't going to because the jig is up. Too many readers have caught on to the fact that some of these bloggers have no substance, core knowledge, or legitimate expertise. Persona and image can only get ya so far.

I've always thought blogs were dumb. No one in their right mind, operating from a point of bona fide expertise and skillsets is going to give away their their best stuff for free. Every other day, post after post. The point has always been to market, market, market and eventually monetize. And, again, if it hasn't happened yet or isn't about to happen, I don't think it will.

I've heard/read before how the PW steals content and fails to cite sources. She's likely not doing anything *some* of the rest of 'em aren't doing, she just got caught doing it ---- a lot.

Content is king. Blogs have consistently grown lighter and lighter in the quality content category for a couple reasons. All those "experts" with blogs have flamed out - everything they know is currently documented on their blog and, well, that's it. There is no more.

The ones who have more content and real knowledge to share than time to post it wised up. They're keeping their content for how/where it can be monetized and they are refusing to continue to educate a general public that will never turn into a paying client. And/or, they're sick and tired of the outright acceptance of plagiarism and have turned off the literary tap.

It's not just bloggers stealing from other bloggers. There is a large chunk of the business world that scours social media and blogs looking for ideas, information, innovation. And they just take it. They have the resources to package and launch and monetize. If you have a blog, then you're probably doing some lazy-a$$ed marketing puke's six figure job for them every day -- and their boss who is too busy being an executive to ever get online is completely clueless about blogosphere and social media so he believes he has a bunch of creative geniuses working for him.

Going to hell in a handbasket, imploding, evoloving -- whatever you wanna call it but the blog game is changing.

I just wonder why it's taken so long and am curious what the blogging landscape will eventually look like.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Natal, of course there were. But her use of it shows her ignorance not her prejudice.

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PW was taunting with the R word, she said

" I can use that word because my brother is R, there I said it, R .

she knows better but chooses not to restrain herself, does she think she's being funny ? you're right BB, ignorant.

funcolors, your evaluation of the situation is spot on, I so enjoyed reading it and I too am curious as to how fast blogs will be replaced, but by what?

I think blogs are a dose of reality tv, but on the internet.

The younger generation ( in their early thirties) are the ones to watch, imo,
the social networks are their way to communicate, advertise, etc...

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Christy Bell

Wow, I'm so impressed. I've never seen this blog before. I am always so amazed at people's vision and what can be done with paint and furnishings. They made all those rooms fresh and up to date from very, ordinary spaces. Good job!

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Maybe not prejudiced, not I'm not buying ignorant either. When you step outside your private social group and start speaking to the world at large you need to be more aware of what your words might imply.

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I wouldn't say a follower. I check a couple times a week, rarely read what's written as I have little time and choose look at pictures or projects that interest me. I'm not fond of the bean posts or some of the humor but can understand that is them and have no problems skimming over what I'm not interested in. I think it's awesome that they are able to work from home and seem to be doing just fine.

As far as PW, I live 30 miles from the ranch and while I don't know her, I do recognize a lot of what she says or does is very consistent with this area and the farmers/ranchers that live around here. Ignorant maybe. Backwoods probably. At least she was trying to stay true to who she is and not conforming to someone's else view of who she should be.

While I enjoy some information I find on blogs I am ready for them to go away. Same with the social network sites.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Blogs and bloggers don't have the same psychology as forums. When you are a member of an online community that you don't have control over -- meaning responses, comments, readership, *followers* you learn the ropes, the rules. Take lukki and me. In a forum you learn that not everyone *sees* things the same way. You learn to deal with it. i.e. Lukki and I are still friends (pretty sure) and we'll move on but now I know she takes things to heart a lil more dearly than I. So, to play nicely w/her in this sandbox (because I do care) I will remember that tidbit and put forth appropriate effort when I see her.

Bloggers have not learned those same kind of lessons. They exist in these strange, very personal, often ego based, self created microcosms. Many filter out reality and use their blogs to spin their own version of the reality they want everyone *out there* to believe.

Raw talent is raw talent. Articulate is articulate so it's not like a blog can be a total sham and head-twister because it can't. People are smart and do read between the lines. Like Seth Godin says, "the tribe can smell artifice." Albeit it can take a while in some cases. :)

But like PW and the R word many bloggers -I think- get lost and the lines of their spun reality blur into the lines of real reality. That's when you see lapse in judgment. Prejuidiced or ignorant? I dunno maybe some of both? My guess is that PW was very successful in building an influential blog to the point that she herself was influenced and she came to believe that she could say and do almost whatever she wanted to. Up to the point of defining what she's entitled to, what's funny, tasteful, or whatever. Because as a blogger she learned that she can control everything about her online persona and presense so consequences and haters should have been within her supreme blogger authority and control as well. I'd imagine the sprouting of those parody blogs was quite the moment because there is absolutely nothing she can do about 'em.

One more major factor of reality with regard to forum vs. a blog is that consequences are served up in real time from real people with giant doses of real honesty and objectivity. And there is no delete button. Trust me, I've looked.

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Did anyone see what the YHL bloggers did to their kitchen? It looks so much better with the 70's style paneling painted. I'm not crazy about that greenish-yellow color they chose, although maybe it will look better when the kitchen cabinets are painted white?

Here is a link that might be useful: YHL

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Thanks for linking this! I'd never heard of them -- I'm actually not a blog-of-any-stripe reader but love visiting the ones which I see pop up here, whether it's my taste or not. I am an inveterate looky-loo!

Wow -- I am sooo impressed with their pluck. With a baby I just don't know how they do it. I find it a miracle to make the beds and do the laundry, let alone tackling serious DIY. I'm not being fair to myself (who is?), but even still, I am impressed.

Fun stuff.

Oh, and as I was scrolling down I saw someone refer to the R-word and something about Pioneer Woman. I know nothing of her (another blog for me to check out, *maybe*) but as the mother of a 5 year-old with Exceptional Needs (inc. cognitive), it breaks my heart to hear of anyone using it for any reason. I had to change hairdressers because after the third (separate) time of my explaining to her why it was offensive and therefore off-limits, I realized "I'm out." Not rewarding her rudeness with my money.

But thanks again for linking the cute can-do blog -- super-fun! And I love love love their happy use of color. J'adore color. Yum.

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I've been off the forum for a while... looks like you all have been busy :-) I love YHL and read it every day. Their taste is a tad too modern for me, but what they accomplish is fantastic. The pictures of their den in the old house and what they did to it just blew me away. WITH A FEW COATS OF PAINT. The dining area in the kitchen in the new house is going that same way. My house is very similar to theirs with the brick and dark paneling, and while I hate to paint over good-looking stained wood, when I saw their pictures, I wanted to run out to HD and pick up a couple gallons.

I think they are funny (maybe I'm the only one?) and I love that they include Burger and Clara. People can "hate on them" all they want, but as a PP said "they're laughing all the way to the bank."

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Enjoying reading this topic-I follow several of the blogs discussed including Young House Love. Dropped Pioneer Woman, her schtick got a bit old. And those recipes-yikes unless you are a cowboy, out roping calves all day to burn those calories, the food is just ridiculous. And even a cowboy has arteries; the amount of butter and unhealthy other ingredients is scary.

Ahem. Back to Funcolors' point. There is a blogworld brouhaha going on now with the queen of the mommy bloggers, Dooce. I follow that one too and she recently took a trip to Bangladesh with a former model who is now doing charity work related to maternal mortality in 3rd world countries. Anyway, Dooce was slammed for doing blog tourism and she slammed back and now it's evidently a twitter war. Frankly, the point of the trip escaped me at the time, and her lofty explanations when she came back seemed awfully grandiose. Sort of Oprah-esque, in the vein og 'Now that I've seen this I can use my power to change the world by telling y'all about it.' Funcolors, your points about a blogger's mindset really seem to apply to someone like Dooce for better or worse. She experienced severe post partum depression, for example, and her blog was so open and frank about that it probably helped thousands of others. OTOH, questioning her recent trip, especially since it was linked with a sponsorship from Yahoo(?!), isn't sacriligeous although from a few comments she has shared she sure seems to feel it is. And too she has become literally a wealthy woman through her blog. I notice that she is very careful in posting pictures of the house she recently bought (her third in Anyway, back to the actual topic. I was also blown away by the latest project on YHL. Some of what they do is really amazing on a limited budget and with only their own work. OTOH I guess I'm cynical enough not to be all that impressed that they do it with a baby in the house. After all, fixing up the house and blogging about it is now their job ;).


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And those recipes-yikes unless you are a cowboy, out roping calves all day to burn those calories, the food is just ridiculous.

Another Paula Deen in a cowboy hat.

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