Christmas is coming early!

annkh_ndApril 25, 2013

I just ordered a boatload of stuff for my upcoming kitchen remodel: sink, faucet, knife drawer organizer, paper towel holder, garbage disposal, Sink Setter. In the next week, the UPS guy is going to either love me or hate me (maybe I'll leave him cookies...)

I can't wait to start touching my new things - though I'm not sure where I'll keep everything for the next 2 months.

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Holly- Kay

Good for you Annkh! Isn't it fun? I have been giving the poor UPS man a workout too!

My lower level family room is my storage space for now.

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Probably a smart thing to do -- in case Congress decides to do away with the tax break for online orders!

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Me too! Think I'll be ok until the toilet and tiles come, but awfully tight in here! If you are also going to have cabinets piled up everywhere, pay close attention to door clearance. I'm not quite sure how we will get the fridge and range out, but I guess that's why I have a GC, right? He starts Monday!

Those 2 months will go quicker than you think. Since you are that far out, be sure to inspect and test everything as it comes, many places have a 30 day return window. How exciting to be so close!

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Ditto williamsem's advice. We had our range hood sitting in the box for months while we completed other things. We had opened the box on delivery and inspected it and all seemed well, but after we installed it and removed the protective plastic adhesive, we discovered a nice dent, front and center. Luckily, our appliance store exchanged it without a hassle, but the manufacturer wasn't so willing to do so when we called them directly.

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Thanks, everyone! I'm pretty sure I'll have everything out of the box (probably within hours of delivery).

I won't have cabinets on site - the cabinet maker will hang on to them until install day. I hope he'll let me visit them in the shop!

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Very exciting! My sink arrived yesterday and it did feel just like Christmas! :-)

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My kids called the UPS guy "the present man" when they were growing up. So right!

Our sink came in this huge box that did sit around for quite some time. At one point in its life, we used it for a low table out on the back patio (we pretty much don't get any rain from May to Oct or Nov. here), and then it moved inside and became a tool storage surface. Eventually the granite guys took it away for a week, but then it came back so we could get it installed.The sink in its big box and us - we became good friends in those weeks. ;-)

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I had to eat a few purchases for exactly the reason Williamsem brought up. Didn't look at our bathroom vanity and it sat for 5 months. Many flaws. Too late. Lesson learned.

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Holly- Kay

Oh crud! Good advice but I know it has been well over a month since I bought my cookware for the induction cooktop. I sure hope there are no flaws!

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Well, I can't try out my Advantium or hood so hoping for the best with those! But everything else has had a look, including the vanity that was packed like Fort Knox on a pallet! Plus I made most of the smaller item purchases in the past week or two, so I should be within 30 days!

Yesterday I got my recessed lights. Today's present was my faucet. UC lights should arrive tomorrow or Monday. Toilet, sink, pulls, bathroom faucet all came in yesterday too, though they will be picked up next week.

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Yesterday the sink came. It's a 60/40 to fit a 30" base cab, but because it's undermount, the larger basin is bigger than my existing double sink. I played with the drain stopper, even filling it with water to check the seal. I goofed around with the cutting board that came with the sink. I sort of thought that the cutting board would sit perfectly on the edge of the sink if I had a positive reveal, but it doesn't, so I'll go with a flush reveal, and the cutting board will fit over the sink hole in the countertop (there is a lip on the bottom to keep it from sliding around).

I wired the plug for the garbage disposal (there's an outlet under the sink).

I put all my knives in the new knife drawer insert. One of my goals is to get things off the counter, so I'm replacing 2 knife blocks with a knife drawers.

I took down the old paper towel holder from the wall when the new upright holder arrived.

Yesterday I also received the Sink Setter (which I haven't opened yet), OXO drawer dividers, and heavy duty DW supply hose. Today the faucet will arrive - I can't wait to play with that!

At least putting my hands on new things is making the wait a little easier. Our cabinet maker will start construction the end of June, so I won't get them installed until mid-July. I want to tear out the old cabinets NOW!

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Holly- Kay

Me too Ann! I just want my kitchen finished! I can't wait to get my faucet, it is the thing I am looking forward to the most!

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Like others mentioned. Do keep all the paper work in the plastic stick on envelopes. Do open the box and inspect carefully. Label all pieces so they don't get lost. For online shopping expecially, the return window is small and does require follow-up. It is worth it though. Really exciting!

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Those were the days, my friend...
I remember having the appliances, cabinets, etc in the garage just waiting for the GC.

I cleared off my countertops and now I have this new Vitamix and have to decide where it lives...

Have fun and do check for problems...

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Annkh, can you give more details on your sink?

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The sink is my favorite thing so far! Our existing is a typical 33" drop-in double bowl. Since we won't have a prep sink, I wanted a double bowl to allow for garbage disposal use on the small side, while dishes were piled up in the big side (we know how we live).

The large bowl on the new sink is significantly bigger than our existing, and the "small" side is only slightly smaller. The total width is 29", but since the flanges can go above the cabinet sides, I shouldn't have any trouble fitting it into a 30" base cabinet. I'll check with my cabinetmaker before he starts construction, just to make sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ann's sink

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My faucet came yesterday, and is going back tomorrow. It has a dent in the spout. But at least I know I LOVE the style!

Here is a link that might be useful: Faucet

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Can't wait to see that faucet installed!

How can you tell if the offset sink setter works with the angle in your sink? Is there a compatibility chart hiding out somewhere?

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Thanks for info on the sink! Hope the next faucet is dent-free....

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williamsem, good question! I just opened the box, and the angled piece matches my offset perfectly.

I also met with my cabinetmaker today. He's going to make my sink cabinet 31", to allow the sink flanges to fit inside. I know I could rest the flanges on top of the cabinet sides, but if I don't have to , so much the better. I love getting custom built cabinets.

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