Gray wisp by BM vs. silver sage by Restoration Hardware?

sis2twoJune 12, 2010

Recently I received a small sample of the silver sage paint color by RH and really like it. My question is this--I have heard that gray wisp by BM is an exact match and I am wondering if one may be a better paint or not. Also is it really an exact match or not. I use BM paints but have no problems ordering the other if it is as good as BM or better. Thank you in advance.

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Gray Wisp is not an exact match to Silver Sage. Gray Wisp is the CLOSEST match to Silver Sage at a 96% match if I recall correctly.

They are close but they are def. 2 different colors.

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Here is the link to a post from a day or so ago.

Here is a link that might be useful: RH SS

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Lori A. Sawaya

If you take an original SS chip and compare it to a Gray Wisp chip, there is zero discernable difference. A sample pot of SS from RH and a quart of Gray Wisp mixed in interior Regal Matte using the computer formula for GW from the computer and there is no discernable difference between SS and GW. Paint out a full room with SS from RH and, again, GW from BenM in Regal Matte and there is no discernable difference.

Given those very specific circumstances and I would absolutely call GW a *match* for SS. Aura Matte works as well as Regal Matte.

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I used grey wisp in my mudroom and silver sage in the living room. I can't tell any difference! I would go with whatever is easiest to get. Although I think the quality is better with BM.

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