Unlacquered brass and well water....

threeapplesApril 22, 2013

Is this a bad combination? I'm about to pull the trigger on an Herbeau flamande kitchen faucet in unlacquered brass and copper--is this a mistake with well water? And, along those lines, what about polished nickel finishes in our bathrooms--a mistake with well water?

For the faucet--is the Flamande an appropriate size and scale for our large Kohler Whitehaven? I really don't know how to figure all this out. Thanks.

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It depends on the well water. Most well water will need a whole house treatment system if you want to avoid white mineral buildup on everything, including the internal parts of your faucet. Some well water will turn your brass and copper green.

Have your water tested and engage the services of a respected water treatment company to devise you a plan.

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Holly- Kay

We have well water too and I decided to not go with a living finish on my waterstone because I knew our hard water would cause a lot of calcium spots and mineral deposits because of the high mineral content. Some people love the patina that is caused by aging and minerals but I wanted mine to retain it's original beauty so I went with a finish that had a clear coat. Beautiful faucet BTW.

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Thanks, Holly. The faucet I want (Flamande) does not come in a lacquered brass. That leaves the Royale, but I'm not sure I like it as well.

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Holly- Kay

I think they are both lovely! You have great taste and honestly if you don't like the natural patina that starts to develop you can always polish it from time to time Good luck, I know you will love it! Please post pics when you get it installed.

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Well water is not "universal" in qualities. It can be hard as a rock or soft as can be, full of junk or almost pure as R/O water.

Has your plumber or well installer sent samples off to a lab for general testing aside from the bacteria test required for occupancy?

Lots of helpful info over at the plumbing forum..... We wound up using a softening system since ours was very hard. With appropriate treatment, I'd think you could use any type of fixures that you wanted.

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Holly- Kay

Thank you GB. Our water is wonderful to drink and no bacteria issues but the spots and discoloration from it is annoying!

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Our water was tested and it was fine, we recently had a softener installed.

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