closing and home inspection please help

kimgillSeptember 23, 2010

We got the home inspection back and they wanted us to fix the fire alarm, whirl pool and the fence. Im upset about the fence because they saw the gate messed up to start with and never brought it up until after the home inspection now wanting me to fix it.

My question is they want receipts where I had them fixed at the closing to show how much I paid to have the items fixed. Is this normal, I dont think it is any of their business what I paid. Since I had a friend fix the whirlpool and we are presently working on the fence. Please help


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Wow, I have no idea but hopefully someone does. I agree it is none of their business as long as the items are repaired. Why would you have to 'hire' someone when you can do the repairs yourself?

I would tell them they can check the items during the final walk through. No receipts, you had friends or family do the repairs.

Good luck,

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Thanks Jane, thats exactly what i thougth but sometimes i think my realestate lady works for them and not me...

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I don't think they want to see how much you paid for the repairs as much as they want to make sure you had the repairs done properly by someone qualified to repair the items. I think there are certainly some repairs that a home owner or friend can do -- like the fence. They can visually inspect the fence and see that you've repaired it. The whirlpool and the fire alarm may not be in the realm of the everyday home owner -- depending on what was wrong with each.

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cordovamom hit the nail on the head.

When we purchased our house several issues came up in the inspection and I insisted on professionals taking care of them or inspecting them and having a receipt/report from the professionals. The PO had already done enough stuff semi-right/semi-wrong and I didn't want him F'ing up anything else.

The owner fixed the water heater himself but I insisted on a plumber coming in to certify that it was safe and working.

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When buying you never say anything about things that need repairing till you get serious about the deal usually after the inspection.
I can understand their point of view asking for the paperwork which proves the work was done by qualified individuals. They are paying X amount of dollars and they want what they are buying in decent shape. Wouldn't you do the same if you were buying?
This is a business deal, they aren't doing this to find out how you spend your money. It's about them protecting themselves and what they are buying.

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Carol from Ny, i understand what you are saying but and I have informed them i had letter from plumber that the whirlpool is now fixed as for the fire alarm they wanted a new battery in it, the gate was already messed up all 3 times they looked at the house and yard and they never mentioned it until a price was set

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cordovamom's absolutely normal for the buyer not to mention any repairs, even ones they can clearly see, until after the inspection. Usually after the inspection they present you with a list of all repairs, both visual and hidden, that they want done. If the only repairs asked for were the fence, repairing the whirlpool and replacing a battery in the fire alarm, then you got off easy !! Your house is sold with relatively minor repairs on your part, congrats !

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kimgill - others have covered how you should proceed, so this is just a note on how you (or any other sellers) could have avoided these minor hassles.

If you can easily see something needs to be repaired at your home - eg broken gate - fix it before you put the house on the market. If you can see it, so can the buyers and their home inspector.

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Others have given good advice. The buyers that bought my house came back with an item I had disclosed and said they wanted it fixed.

I just told their realtor (I did FSBO) that I expected they should have taken that into account in their initial offer and I would give a credit for the other item they requested. I didn't feel like messing with it.

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We are selling a cottage on the river. When we bought it 10 years ago, we didn't have an inspection. I don't think they were as common as they are now. This was originally a fishing shack and had been added onto over the years until it was a fully equipped cottage.

Anyway, the buyers had a home inspection, a septic system inspection and a termite inspection. They found that only the toilet went to the holding tank. All the other gray water went under the house to end up in the river. We had no way of knowing this. They buyers got an estimate for this to be corrected.

The termite inspector found evidence of termites and this will cost about $800 to be treated.

We had to install baseboard heating in every room of the house that didn't have heat in order for the house inspector to consider the rooms in the total square footage. (If the room didn't have heat, they couldn't list it as a room, only a shed.)

Also, one of the contingencies that the buyers included in the agreement was that the house should appraise at or above the selling price. The appraiser was there and according to our realtor, the appraisal was "good." I guess that means the sale will go on as scheduled. Since the buyers paid for the appraisal, they are not obligated to tell us what it appraised for. (We're curious, though.)

The buyers requested a credit at closing for the plumbing work and the termite treatment which will amount to about $5,000. Since they are going to do some remodeling, they wanted to have the credit and have it done when the remodeling was completed. We agreed and everything looks like it will go through as planned. Yay!

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