Quilt show_ Philadelphia

littlehelen_gwSeptember 11, 2012

My friend and I are heading to the Philadelphia PA quilt show on Friday. We did not register or plan on taking any of the classes offered, but only to stroll around looking at the amazing work of others and of course shop. We've never been to a quilt show larger than the one Lancaster PA and found that to be enjoyable, but it could be done in less than a full day. We were thinking of staying over night and going Fri and Sat., but I'm having second thoughts about the over night. Anyone ever been or have an opinion if there is enough to see that would consume more than one day at the show? We have hotel reservations, but I'm happy to cancel and spend the $'s or more fabric :-) but that's me.

Your input is very welcomed...


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If you plan on closely examining each quilt in the show and also check out each vendor, you would probably need more than one day. I've never gone to a large quilt show, but have friends you have and they've enjoyed the extra time.....at least you don't feel rushed to see everything in one day. But, if you see something you can't live without, buy it and forget the overnight. Have fun!


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If I weren't taking vacation days to use for the retreat I would be flying up to join you! Have fun and make some impulse buys!

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Nothing to offer except make a bumper sticker that reads "WARNING--WE SLAM ON BRAKES FOR BATIKS SOLD OUTTA OLD RUSTY PICKUPS!" LOLOLOL
Have a great time. Think about taking a workshop with a 'famous' instructor. Take your time & have lots of fun!

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thanks all for your feed back...I've decided to go for the overnight so we can drive through Lancaster on the way home...looking for that OLD RUSTY TRUCK FILLED W/ BATIKS!!!
Ladies...next time in the area we need to cruise all the shops in Lancaster...I went on line and there are dozens!

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It's a deal!

I need a t-shirt that says "Cruisin' for Batiks".

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