can i have a cree cr4 put right above the shower?

janesylviaMarch 20, 2013

My small bathroom's shower stall has a surrounding of three walls and one glass door. The light above the vanity does not reach there. During the day it's fine because I have a venting skylight. But at night, it's darker there.
Can I just have an ordinary CREE CR4 installed right above the shower stall? Is humidity a concern? Can I have ecosmart 4" LED there?

Thank you very much.

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You need to install a fixture that is specifically designed for damp locations.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower lighting

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Thank you very much, kudzu9. I read your link and found I can have cree cr4 or ecosmart 4" recessed lights installed above shower since they are wet rated.

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You're welcome. I wasn't familiar with those particular lights, but wanted to make sure you had the basic info to buy the right kind regardless of brand.

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An LED light belongs where the hard edge shadows and color of the light on skin is tolerable and the light is on long enough to take advantage of the lower energy use. None of these conditions exists in a shower.

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@Renovator8 - have you ever actually seen a Cree/Ecosmart LED? I ask, because I own some, and i sure don't recognize the defects you describe.

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I put them above our showers. The package said they were wet rated and could be used for that purpose. They ar much brighter than the old 65 W bulbs. I think they are great!

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