Caught between remodeling and building new.

marjenMarch 18, 2013

Is anyone else in the same boat? We built our current house around 13 years ago. I figured it was a place we would be in for 5-10 years MAX and we would sell and build another house. We did try and sell a couple times over the years, both times pulled it off the market for various reasons. During both of those times we underwent some remodeling projects.

So here I sit again, itching to build one more house. But also torn. Can we afford it? Will this house sell this time? Where will we live while we build? Is it worth the stress? What do I really hate about this house?

We have two kids, 12 and 14, so putting house on market and building and the time involved is a concern. Hard to keep house spotless with such busy lives. So my wife is real worried about ths stress of the entire project which would take at least a year.

Last remodel we redid the kitchen and turned garage into a family/dining room. I love both spaces. This winter we remodeled the kids bathroom and finally got it right. But, I really hate our yard, I would like a garage, i would like a house without cathedral ceilings. Things I can not easier change here. I also just love designing and have a plan I drew up 3 years ago when we were going to build that i still like the majority off. I just cant decide if its really worth it. Or do I keep chipping away I things I dont like here? Seems kind of pointless as I dont think any more changes will bring in long term profits.

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You'll never be satisfied till you build again!

(I dream every night about homebuilding. Also, about being 27 again. But there's only so much that is achiveable.)

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Building a garage wouldn't be that costly, so why not see about doing just that project, and then getting the kids through school. When that's done, you probably would want a smaller home, so that would be the perfect time to build again.

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Would your kids be changing schools? How do they feel? If they are doing well and have friends you approve of, I would not change high schools.

can you off the cathedral ceilings? Maybe claim some storage space from them?

Can you change what you hate about your yard?

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We do have space to add a garage, but none are ideal and add to cost of the project. The logic place would be next to the house, but the yard severely slopes from front to back, to the point where when you walk out of the basement its still another 7' to ground level. So we would need a massive foundation to build a garage there. Could add one in front of where the old one was, but would require a reconfiguration of driveway and site work :(

I would want to stay in town. Kids are comfortable here and we have made a lot of friends in town. I like it here. Not a lot of land on the market though.

Have thought about just staying put until kids leave but how realistic is it going to be to build while putting two kids through college?

The yard is hopeless. I need to win one of those landscape make over shows lol. It slopes all over, needs retaining walls, the lawn needs help, lots of work. I love doing the interior work but hate dealing with the yard.

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