my barn quilt sans barn

faintheartSeptember 1, 2011

More and more barn quilts are popping up in our county and I have been wanting one for so long as well. Three years ago we built a new home closer to the paved blacktop. Our old home and buildings including the old barn sat back from the road quite a ways and couldn't be seen. While on a road trip we saw a solution and stopped by so DH could get a good look. Here is what he came up with. A gracious neighbor helped him get the 4 X 4's set in the ground/concrete.

After the two of them were finished, the neighbor said..."You know this is a problem!" DH asked "Isn't it level?" Neighbor said..."You've set a standard for the neighborhood and MY wife is going to want one now!!!" LOL It faces north and south and is two-sided so can be seen from either direction. I love my DH! :-)))


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Dee, your barn quilt is wonderful! You certainly did set the bar high for your neighbors - I can understand why they would be jealous. What part of Iowa are you in? I've posted my cousin's barn quilt before - it's located just outside of Bronson.

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I love it!!!! Who needs a barn and mice and stink and whatever else goes along with a barn --chores??? to have a barn quilt? City girl here...can ya tell?
Very nice design. You will be seeing more of them, as this is great!

Can somebody tell me the significance of a barn quilt?

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Thanks Sue! I am about 70 miles north of Bronson in O'Brien County. More and more in my work travels I am seeing barn quilts throughout Iowa but they are really multiplying here in the NW corner. My SIL made a "garden quilt" for me last Christmas. I will have to post a pic.


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Here is my "garden quilt". It was mounted on a fence post and stands in front of a blue bird house made by DH from some wood from our old barn. Ignore the weeds, I haven't been very good at keeping them under control since my knee surgery and with heat indexes out of control. Its a perfect representation of my two favorite pasttimes...quilting and gardening and my work as a veterans advocate.

mago, barn quilts are a representation of the culture and heritage of the area and pride in the farming community. Our county economic development dept. last fall had a bus tour of the area barn quilts with stops at each and also local businesses.

Here is the garden quilt...


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That's so cool!!

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I want one, I want one! Now I don't have to build a barn to do it.

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What a wonderful idea. It will compete with any barn quilt and just as rewarding. I am sure you have started a trend. Love you garden quilt as well. TFS.

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Here in PA it is fairly common to see quilt designs on barns as well as other buldings and the side of homes. I just love seeing the patterns that people use. Sometimes there is a description of the name and meaning attached. Yep they sure are neat! Lucky you!!

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Dee, I think you and your husband have come up with a great way to do a barn quilt with no barn! I absolutely love it. And the little garden quilt has inspired me to do a few of those for my yard. Plus, I've been thinking about my next mosaic project and now I'm certain I'll be doing a bench with a quilt top!


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Dee, Thank you for posting your barn quilt! An absolutely wonderful idea! You've given me the thought that DH can make me one for Christmas. He won't have time for my BD so I'll cut him some slack. lol

I would go with DD2 delivering Avon in Indiana and one of her customers had painted block patterns on the rocks surrounding her flower garden. I don't paint, but I can use magic markers. @:)


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We have a barn, but no one can see it (sets way back off the road). But I'd still love to have one. This might be a good winter project for my dh????

How do you decide on a pattern? So many to choose from!


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Oh that's great. I wonder what my suburban neighbors would say if I painted a barn quilt on the side of my shed. Hmmm.

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fran - I was thinking the same exact thing!!!!

Dee - thank you for sharing the meaning behind the Barn Quilt. It is certainly something to keep alive!

Your 'garden quilt' is lovely and meaningful.

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Love them Dee!!!!!!!! I have seen a quilt painted on a garage door it was cute.
Here we have a LOT of farmers and my friends grandson (3 yo) loves to watch the DVD that came with the new tractor.
John Deere fabric comes in green and pink too lol!!!!

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Thank you ladies! I read your comments to DH and he is just beaming. He said it's not that hard to do but your DH's will need help getting it in place as it's very heavy. He used a loader tractor to get it from his workshop to the location. The block itself is an 8' x 4' sheet of top grade plywood cut in half for each side of the duplex block. They are mounted with a frame of 2' x 4's in between so the eye rings can be bolted into the frame. If need more details, let me know.

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So, DH is laying out the quilt grid on paper in the living room and it looks good. After putting it up on the side of his shop he is so proud. I'm looking at the grid and his lines and almost blew up. WHAT??? That isn't right! It's a HST and you don't have it going right. My quilt buds are gonna rip you apart if you don't get this right! He says that's fine, but he is allowed to take artistic license and he's going to do it! We shall see.....I'm thinking it'll be ok, but we'll never see a barn quilt look like this one! And, it is the quilt, not a square. That man is so much fun! LOL


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LOL Looking forward to seeing your DH's work, Sharon! Sounds like he has a quilt "art noveau" project in the making. ;-)


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Dee, DH is an artist/painter, has used many mediums....and objects. He is quite talented and has designed a t-shirt every year for DGD's high school band (as he did for her mother's band)....this is the last one.

Notice the drum line marching off the plank! DGD plays drums. lol

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Dee, that is so very NEAT! :)

I just finished building a little shed for hay for my calves and when I saw this - yes, a plan is forming! LOL

I live in Wyoming and am a big football fan. I made a queen sized Wyoming Cowboy's quilt a couple of years ago and donated it to my nieces HS class for a fund raiser. I miss it! My plan is to recreate it on the back of my new shed, not many people will be able to see it but it will be good practice for something else. I also want to 'copy' Dee's idea - it would be a great addition for my front yard. Thinking about it, I will probably do that first since I wont be able to get to the shed one till Spring LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend & Happy Quilting!

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Sharon, that is so cool! Love the t-shirt design. :) Would love to see more of your DH's work but will have to take this to the "conversation" side I'm sure.

Marie, I think your hay shed definitely needs a quilt! Be sure to post what you come up it for the shed or yard. I love seeing what everyone does.


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What great ideas!! You all are so creative !! to think how to have a 'barn' quilt. Now I'm going to have to follow suit. Now to tell DH... ;)

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