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mary_c_gwSeptember 5, 2011

Just in case. It's not the fabric stash! One large truck, one small Prius. 2 cats, 1 dog.

The wildfires here in TX are coming too close for my comfort. Bastrop (making national news) is far away. But there is one 7 miles to the north, another 10 miles to the west, and another spotted just 3 miles to the south west.

It's bone dry, we're in an "exceptional" drought, the nearby lake is down more than 20', and the winds are blowing, with gusts up to 20mph.

Luckily we had a tree service out to cut down and chip dead and dying trees last Friday. They also took care of a brush pile which was uncomfortably close to the house.

I have gathered papers, insurance policies, account numbers and all, just in case we are evacuated. I included the receipts for my long-arm Millie and my Pfaff. DH looked at me as if I were crazy - but between the two machines, it's well over $25K.

I should have done it earlier, but I think I may spend the evening photographing our antiques.

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I think you're doing all you can do to be prepared. Are you able to hose down your roof? I also think I'd already have that truck full and if the wind came my way, I'm outta there! Cash is good as ATM's and CC machines may not be working. Crackers, peanutbutter, wet wipes, first aid supplies....be safe and don't wait!!!


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So scary! I'm glad you are prepared. Photos of the antiques and everything else is a great idea.
We have experienced wildfires in Florida - close enough to see the huge columns of black smoke covering the sky - so I understand a bit of what you are feeling. Like Sharon says, don't wait until the last minute; just go if you need to!

Be safe!

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It sound like you are thinking ahead which is not easy to do under the circumstances. I can only hope some of that rain in the gulf will head your way. It has been raining all day here, wish we could send you some.
First of all take care of yourselves and be safe. It has to be terrible to loose the things you love but being safe is formost.
Will be praying for your safty.

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We have a metal roof, so good to go there. We may hose down the deck after dark, if any of the fires come closer.

We're in no actual danger at the moment - but if some Labor Day enthusiast here in the neighborhood decides he absolutely MUST barbeque, that may change. We're in a semi-rural area, with 5+acre lots with lots of combustible material in this drought.

And of course, DH is a member of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), so he's in a freaking lather about it all.

All outdoor grilling and smoking have been banned, as were fireworks over the 4th - it didn't stop one neighbor, and he started a grass fire.

Still, I probably won't sleep much tonight, LOL. I'll be tuned into the local coverage.

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Oh Mary - it must be horribly frightening!
You may want to have your computer hard drive ready also. I don't know if you store photos on it or not, but family photos that are not digital might be something else that is irreplaceable. If you have room for a small box it might be worth your time to gather them up.

I will keep you in my prayers.

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Mary - email important things to yourself - just to get them on the email server, if something happens. I have been concerned about you all summer. I would take a Hurricane and no power over those fires any day!
Sending good thoughts your way!

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Both computers are laptops, so we can just throw them in the car. But I did send some stuff to my son (way out of the fire zone) just in case.

Goodness - I would like to go to bed now! I'm so sleepy! But there is still one cat to corral for the night. DH is asleep, so I'll keep watch. If anything develops, I'll wake him.

I appreciate all the good thoughts!

I'm really 90% sure we will be completely OK. It's the 10% chance I'm trying to prepare for.

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Mary, How are things today? You've been on my mind throughout the night...


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I'm also wondering how things are for you. Sending prayers to you and everyone is the danger areas. It's frightening how many places are suffering because of weather-related events, droughts causing wildfires, hurricanes and tropical storms with flooding, high winds, tornadoes and damaging straight-line winds resulting in electrical outages and property damage.

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Well, we're still here, and things are looking better. Before sunrise there was a really eerie orange glow coming from one of the fires, and there's still smoke in the air.

The two closest fires are now contained, so that's a relief. Now we just have to worry about new ones starting up! We need rain.

Thanks for all the good thoughts!

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Wish we could have sent you some of the rain we got last night (from Lee). Be safe

Lynn (N.C.)

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I had some family in this weekend and we were watching the Weather Channel for all the rain and flooding we are having and I couldn't believe the fires they were showing!! Glad to hear you are safe and out of harms way.


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Mary, Glad things are looking better for you. Think about getting a fire extinguisher or two to carry around in your vehicle in order to put out any little fires you might see.


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We only hear about them when they get huge, but there's a feature on Wunderground.com weather that shows all current wildfires. Scary!


Here is a link that might be useful: Wunderground.com Fire Map

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Very scary!!! When we had the bad fires in FL it was hard to breath and ash was floating in the air. Here in rural SE Georgia we had a lot of smoke during the summer from fires. It scares me when these farmers burn their fields. We also have the morons that do not understand 'no fires or burns' applies to everyone.
Glad you are safe Mary.

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Hope the rains come soon. Stay safe meanwhile.


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Well, tonight DH was called to help manage a refuge station at the closest fire. That one is about 50% contained, and they have allowed residents back into the subdivision.

His shift is from 9 pm to 9 am. He called a while ago, and they have just one or two family groups left, and the rest are exhausted firefighters. They're coming in for hydration and food, and evidently a few have "rested their eyes", and slumped down on the tables. I'm hoping they will be allowed a nap!

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Thank you for the update, Mary. Having the center down to a couple of families is good news for those who had homes to go back to. Your DH is going to want to rest his eyes when he gets home, too. A big thank you to him for giving his time and helping out.


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I hope you and the entire area stays safe-fires are too scary! The work these men and women do keeping them contained is remarkable.

I wish I could send you our rains and flash floods - that would take care of those wildfires!

Keeping you in my thoughts - thanks for updating!

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Hope things continue to improve. Fires are so unpredictable, keep yourselves safe. I'm praying for all of you, and some rain.


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Last night the fires and floods that have left so many homeless was so sad.
This was such a weird summer. A lady I see at the gym tells me about her 80+ grandmother that lost everything in the AL weather. I went through a fire and lost almost everything, insurance helps, but it doesn't replace the sentimental items.
Keep us posted Mary!!

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Here's hoping that your area will continue to be an area of contained fires - if any. The weather and environment on the news just keeps getting worse! The fire reporting on the news is just horrendous.

Two weeks ago we had the earthquake and hurricane Irene to contend with in NC - yesterday it was a tornado about 5 miles north of my town. That is too close for comfort if you ask me.


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