Buyers remorse? I bought a Janome Mystyle 100

marti8aSeptember 29, 2011

I was planning on trading my Pfaff in on a fancy new machine, but not my old New Home. I was just going to get it fixed and save it for my take along machine.

My New Home was over 22 years old, a real workhorse with straight stitches, and not the least bit picky about type of thread or fabric (except knits).

It was making a high pitched squealing noise so I took it in and the diagnosis was that it needed to be serviced. The usual service charge was $99 but it was going to be $180 for this.

I told them to just do it then and both the sales lady and the service tech said I would be better off with a new machine for the same price. Lighter machine, same stitches, and a year warranty vs 60 days on the repair. My New Home was $450 new in 1987, and the new Janome was $189 with the trade-in. The suggested retail of the Janome is $299 but most stores sell it for $229. They said they'll use the New Home for parts so basically, I got $40 credit for the trade. I kept all the feet since they'll fit the new machine.

I haven't taken the new machine out of the box yet. What if it won't sew over a bulky seam like a flying geese? I'm thinking I could just take it back tomorrow and have them fix my old machine.

My dh said he knew I would start having buyers remorse the minute I signed the check, but it didn't start until I got home and started looking at reviews on the Horizon 7700 and the Pfaff Quilt Expression. People seem to have so much trouble with straight stitches, even 1/4" seams, and thread snarls that I thought I made a terrible mistake trading in my old machine.

Did I?

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I'm not familiar with this particular machine, but I do LOVE Janomes! I have one that is 9 years old and simply love it. I would hate to have to replace it!

I also have a 2nd Janome as a backup machine...very basic. But it has also proven to be a strong machine.

I think you should give it a try. IMHO

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I got a janome 2 years ago, it was a year old but very carfully used.
It is a higher end mach. I rilly like it
But I kept my old bernena too, just in case.

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I love my Janome. I've had it 4 years and have had no problems with it. It is the last mechanical they made and they don't make it anymore, but they make good machines.


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New Home is now Janome so the brand is really the same, but I know what you mean about being concerned if the new lighter machine can sew through thick layers the way the older machine did. I have a new(er) Janome - mostly plastic, that is my quilting machine, but I have held on to my old metal Kenmore so that I have a machine that can do more heavy-duty sewing. Go with your gut feeling and then you won't regret it.

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Can you go back to the store and test drive a machine like the one you bought with the thicknesses you'll be using? That might ease your mind before taking it out of the box.


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I have found that all companies have a wide range of models. I mistakenly bought an entry level (good name). Found out by googling it...........SURPRISE! it has been ok, but wouldn't have bought if I knew.

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I took it out of the box last night and tried it out a bit. It sews fine on two layers but I haven't tried going over seam yet. I'm feeling a bit better about the new one, but wish I had just paid the full price for it and kept my old one. I guess I could still go back and pay the difference and get my old one back. The only thing I really dislike about this new one is that the needle has set positions and my old one had a knob where I could move the needle anywhere within the opening of the strike plate. Oh well, if it's just a take-along, I guess it's ok.

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Marti I think your remorse is losing and old friend and I would feel the same way.

I wish I could find a class to learn to repair my own machines. But the prob with the older ones is finding parts.

My first high end machine is a Janome and I brought it with a big discount. It was new but several models older.

I have never heard anything but praise overall about Janomes. I love mine.

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Update, in case anyone ever does a search for this machine. My fears were realized. This machine doesn't go over seams well. In fact, sometimes it won't go over seams at all. I've struggled through making one quilt with it but won't attempt to do the actual quilting with it. Buying this for quilting was a big mistake. It's not listed on the Janome website anymore so I guess they realized this machine is worthless.

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Sorry to hear of your experience. I bought a new machine a year ago, and it's supposed to be heavy-duty. Yes, it's OK, but no more heavy duty than the old all-metal machines. The new one has the touchiest bobbin I've ever sewn with, and the foot pedal is plastic and moves all over the floor. I have not gotten rid of any of my old ones, and some date clear back to the 1800s. You can get parts, they're out there........if you hit the specialty sites online. I also prefer a direct gear driven mechanism and I'm not sure they're even made on any machine anymore. It's almost impossible to get the timing off on them, and a quick (do-it-yourself) fix if you do.

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Marti, I think you should let the people at the store know you are not happy with the machine they sold you.


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