kateydid29September 14, 2013

Anyone tried to obtain a LOMA from FEMA recently? How long did it take once the elevation survey was completed and submitted to FEMA? Our realtor told us it takes 3-4 weeks but our lender told us it takes 2-4 months!!!

Our lender has already formally waived a requirement for flood insurance based on the elevation survey so we are not anticipating problems getting the LOMA issued. We just wondered how long it actually takes?


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This is not recent, but in 1999, and I had the survey in February and received the LOMA May.
We had to have flood insurance in able to get the mortgage, but got a refund after I gave the insurance company a copy of the LOMA.
Kathy G in MI

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Thanks Kathy. Can't believe getting a LOMA could take that long! Glad yours was granted! Even though our bank doesn't require flood insurance I would prefer to get a LOMA anyway.


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I turned in a copy of my LOMA to the county too. They said it wasn't necessary, but I wanted it in all my paper works.

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We just turned ours in today. I hope not too long! We are trying to sell our house and it is no where near a flood zone. The river would have to flow backward up 600 feet to flood us. Soooo frustrating! The new FEMA maps are horribly inaccurate.

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