What color sink?

lynne412April 30, 2013

I am putting in uba tuba counter tops and need help in deciding what color silgranite sink to put in. The two colors I am considering are the anthracite and the cinder. Any help would be appreciated!!

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I've seen the anthracite and thought it was great looking..seems as though it would work with the dark granite.......not familiar with cinder....

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Is cinder a dark grey? It's hard to tell from the pictures on the website. Do you know what your actual granite slab looks like? Uba Tuba can have a variety of colors in it and they can read differently (black, brown, green). If there's more brown in it, the anthricite may look better than the grey. I have the anthricite sink with volga blue granite which is mostly black, so it looks great with a black granite. I have to say I'm glad they came out with the cinder color after I had ordered my sink, because I'd be trying to decide between the two colors also--they both are beautiful!

Did you request samples so you can compare them to your granite? Then you could see them with your actual slab.

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lynne - contact Blanco and they will send you chips. They are very nice about it. When you call, you just let them know what you're looking for, they'll connect you through and you'll either talk with the person you need or you'll get voicemail asking you to email her. I think that I had my sample chips within a week. You may also want to get a sample of their cafe brown as well since uba tuba sometimes has a brownish tone (or a very pronounced green tone). Blanco gave me no problem at all about shipping several samples.

We had been leaning toward the metallic grey for our kitchen (using an entirely different granite than you), but we are actually now leaning toward the cinder since we always were hoping for a darker finish than the metallic grey, but for us, the anthracite was too dark.

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