"Official" 2013 Birthday Block Swap Sign Ups

quiltingfarmladySeptember 15, 2012

It's time to finalize sign-ups for the 2013 Birthday Block Exchange! So far we have 12 quilters who have expressed an interest in joining this fun swap. ThatâÂÂs almost a full group! If you didnâÂÂt sign up yet, but are interested, email Kay. If we have enough participants, weâÂÂll set up a second group.

This year the moderatorsâ duties will be shared a little differently. Kay (quiltingfarmlady) will gather agreements, addresses and patterns from participants and send out the initial information packet. Kristene (tinyteena) will do the thread posting and tracking throughout the year.

The rules will remain the same as last year and weâÂÂve added a few new approved patterns. However, if a block youâÂÂd like as a participant isnâÂÂt on the list, please let us know. As long as itâÂÂs not too difficult, weâÂÂd be glad to add it! Quilters can still request "Quilter's Choice" as a block or request a theme or color combination without asking for a particular block.

Remember that you are making a year-long commitment if you sign up for this. Some months may be hectic for you and if you know that, please work ahead. You will have the name and block choice for everyone in your 2013 group this year so it is easy to work ahead. (However, don't mail the block months in advance, just make it and set it aside until closer to the member's birthday.)

This is not for brand new quilters or brand new members to GardenWeb. You must be able to cut fabric accurately and sew a 1/4" seam. You must have been a member of GardenWeb for at least 6 months and have participated in at least 2 swaps --- and you must be someone we can count on. (Prior GardenWeb swaps can be a quilting or seed swap in the Gardening Forum, etc. This year's monthly block lotto participants qualify for having completed the required swaps -- each month when you sent a block counted as a swap completed.)

There are two steps to signing up this year:

Step #1: Let Kay know that you want to sign up. Once we have a full group, you'll be sent an agreement and information form. If you did a âÂÂpreliminaryâ sign up under JeanneâÂÂs thread, youâÂÂll receive your agreement and information form shortly. We are missing 2 email addresses, so quiltnhen and littlehelen, please contact Kay as soon as possible.

Step #2: If you agree to the rules, complete the sign up form and return it to Kay. WeâÂÂd like to have the group(s) organized by mid to late October, so please be prompt!

The birthday club is lots of fun. Your group members will shower you with mail in your birthday month and you will have 12 blocks of your choice created by these new quilting friends. It makes your birthday month so special!

We have ideas for a name, but for now all we need is your enthusiasm and participation!

Kay & Kristene

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You bet I want to sign up! I'll be sending my info as soon as I've decided which block I'd like next year.


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Thanks Kay for looking after this part of the Birthday Block Exchange. I will be in the US from 28th September till 7th November - attending Camp Cheerio and visiting with some of the quilters in their homes. Jeanne & I are going on a trip together to Washington DC, Pennsylvania (Amish area) and up to Niagara Falls. It's 20 years since I was in the US, so I'm interested in seeing how things are now, plus visiting some places I never saw last time. Looking forward to meeting some of you at Camp.

When I return to Australia, I'll take over from Kay & keep everyone on track during the year.


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I will definitely participate... just pondering which block, which colors, etc.
Thanks so much for taking on this project, Kay and Kristene!

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I will participate also. I am figuring out what block, color also! Thanks, Kay & Kristene.


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I just popped in to say if you are going to select a block that you haven't made before, you may want to try making a sample. I was enthusiastic about Signature Star and started making one this evening and 2 hours later, it's not finished. I found out it has triangles where you are working on bias cut edges - hard to keep in shape, etc. Also, you have to be very careful about color placement when you cut your pieces. I like to oversize and "true up" triangle units when I make them and that won't work with this pattern. I will go ahead and complete my block, but group, you are getting something easier!
Back to looking through the list...

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This sounds like fun, but alas I do not qualify to join this up coming year as I am a newbie to making my own quilts but I sure will be a fly on the wall to follow this.
Both my grandmothers and now my mom makes quilts, I know how to do simple ones.
So I want to learn more of some of the techniques of quilting.
Can't wait to see what goes on with this great swap!!!

:) Aqua

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Aqua - you might want to start with our quilt block lotto. We do a block each month and you can participate on any or all of them. If you scroll through the message postings you'll see the information on the current month and another posting on general lotto information.

Welcome to the forum!


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I'm in. Picked my block and everything.


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Yea, Bev! If all those who signed up under Jeanne's preliminary thread return their information forms, this group is now full. So, "preliminary signup quilters", if you haven't already done so, please at least let me know that you're still "in" and are just taking some time to choose your block so I'll know how many slots might still be available.

If you didn't sign up under Jeanne's thread, but you're interested in joining in, please email me and if we have enough people, we'll do a second group! Or you may be a substitute for someone who has changed her mind. (Yes, "her", because has already sent me his information!)


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I did sign up on Jeanne's original thread but I am going to have to bow out. I will be having surgery on my thumb in Feb and will be immobilized for 6 weeks then re-hab for another 6-8 weeks so I fear sewing will be hard to do. I really enjoyed doing the Birthday Block Swap and will follow along with the rest of you for 2013.


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I was away over the weekend and just catching up. will pick a block soon. Is there a deadline date for me to pick my block and fill out the form?

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As long as I know you're committed to joining in, take some time to make your block & color choice. My goal is to get out the information packets within a couple more weeks.


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Ouch! Healing wishes for an easy surgery and a swift recovery to your thumb Mary.

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Update on the 2013 Birthday Block Signup:

It's time to finalize this year's group. So please, if I'm missing information, get it to me as soon as you can. So far, here are the people who have signed up and have given me their block information:


If anyone participating can send me a picture of their block by next weekend, it will go out in the instruction packet.

Committed to participating, but still need the information returned:


Signed up but no email commitments or information returned. If you sent it, I didn't receive, so please re-send:

I'd like to have all of this information finalized and back out to the quilters by the end of next weekend. If you're interested in joining in, please let me know in case any slots open up.

Looking forward to an interesting year. So far, no pattern repeats!


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Information form completed and email a few minutes ago.

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Thanks, Valarie,
Got it!

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Kay, I sent my information! Let me know if you have any questions.


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Kay, I also sent my information yesterday. Did you get it?

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