Can you please help with kitchen layout?

gumbys72April 29, 2013

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help us make this kitchen remodel work. I feel a little overwhelmed, but have gotten some great ideas from this site.

We're gutting our kitchen and are open to any and all ideas. We are a family of four with two teens. I cook approximately 6 nights a week. We cannot move the windows or exterior walls. We can move the wall where the fridge currently is. We are planning on moving the kitchen sink and running a gas and water line to the wall where the stove is.

I want an island that has seating for at least 6. I plan on having a microwave drawer and warming drawer on the island.

The biggest thing we have to work around is lack of upper wall space with the huge windows.

I'm including pics of current kitchen and plans of what we were thinking and what was sketched out for us.

Our current kitchen

This is what we were thinking

KD idea

My changes to KD idea

A little mock up of our ground floor

Thank you for your time and ideas.

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Why did the KD move the fridge from one side to the other? It's 16 feet from fridge to stove - with an island in the middle! I'm used to a small kitchen, so maybe that isn't a big deal, but it seems pretty inconvenient to me.

In your vision for your new kitchen, what do you see happening on the left side (opposite the range wall)? Assuming the fridge goes back to the range wall, all of your prep, cooking and cleanup areas are on the right half.

I would put 30" base cabinets and 15" uppers on the range wall. You certainly have enough room!

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What a great space you have! The main thing I am noticing is that it doesn't seem like there is enough room for six barstools at the island. You should have 15" overhang for legs and at least 24" width for seats. It could be just that I'm not viewing it to scale. Make sure to have your KD add them in so you(and we) can visualize it.
Also, with your change to add seating on the islands left side, it seems like you could end up with a tight spot if the person seated there isn't pulled in and you need in the fridge. Could you move the fridge further up the wall, closer to the corner a bit? As is, it is too far away. Also, what is the drawer fridge for primarily? Prepped food, snacks, or overflow? It seems a bit redundant to be so close to the main fridge.
Looking forward to see how this develops!

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We thought the fridge on the range wall would be more efficient than 16 ft away too. If the fridge goes opposite range wall I would want the drawer fridge in the island near the range for drinks and food prep. If fridge is on range wall I'd put drawer fridge on opposite wall. I agree it seems redundant where it's shown.

If fridge is on range wall I would still have the 2 pantries , but I'm not sure what else.

If the fridge is on the far wall opposite range it could be swapped with a pantry to put it closer to the window and a little closer to food prep. I think KD was trying to even out the kitchen, I just don't know what I think about it yet.

I will make sure that the island has room for 6. I think it is currently shown as 6ft by 5 ft but I feel it could be deeper.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Wow, I love those windows! I would be tempted to center the sink on the stud between the two large windows, with the DW on the left, and trash pull-out on the right side. That stud is fairly thin--you can still easily see out the window on either side. If you've read the advice from our experts (one of which I am NOT), you've read that more time is spent prepping, than cooking or clean-up. Your main prep area would be in front of the clear part of the right window, between the sink and range. DW would be out of the work space, with trash pull-out where it's needed most. Dish storage could be in drawers on the left-hand side of the room.

Maybe the KD's purpose was to put the fridge closer to the DR, or make it more convenient for someone coming in for a midnight snack? Or, to design a classic U-shape kitchen? Although the island presents somewhat of a barrier, one can go either direction from the fridge--right to sink, or turn and walk 16' to range. Most preparation is from fridge-->sink-->range, so you may not be making that hike very often.

Also, as most of the items that are microwaved come from the fridge, it would be more efficient to locate the MW beside the fridge, or across from it in the island, if you're using a drawer. Located there, it is out of the clean-up area of the sink/DW. If the fridge drawer is for snacks and drinks, that would be another reason to have it, and the MW, on that side--to keep grazers out of the prep/cooking area.

As for seating at the island, if the MW drawer and warming drawer are 30", each could be located at the short ends of the island (MW on fridge side/warming drawer on range side) with 18" overhangs on the long sides. That would make the island 66", or 5.5', deep. Certainly your kitchen will be big enough to accommodate an island that size, but you would probably not be able to wipe down the top from one side--a small price to pay if you need to seat six comfortably. You could have the middle open, or include cabinets for items not used frequently--the Christmas china, canning equipment, etc.

I'm looking forward to following your kitchen remodel. Did I say that I love those windows? :)

Edited to correct my math.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Another thought:

How much space is available between the kitchen and LR? You could have a working island, say 3'x 6', eased toward the sink wall a few inches, with a perpendicular table (32--36" wide?) to seat six. That would widen the area between fridge and island as it is now drawn, but would block the path between the fridge and range, so you'd have to weigh the advantages/disadvantages.

Contemporary Kitchen by Holden Kitchen And Bath Fixtures Furniture by Dovetail

Here is a link that might be useful: islands with tables attached/houzz

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Think about the seating at the island. Would you like eating with everyone lined up in a row? There is no right or wrong answer to this, just something you need to think about.

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One of my favorites :) From Farmhouse plans

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