cement bonded particle board

weedyacresMarch 9, 2010

I was at a trade show this past weekend and was introduced to cement bonded particle board. Two brands that produce this are Versaroc and Amoroc (may be more). Basically, what they're saying is it's moisture resistant and fire resistant, among other things. I'm looking at it for a potential commercial application where we layer drywall (for fire block) and then plywood (for exterior walls). I need to do the calculation on the labor savings and whether it merits the higher material cost.

But my question to you construction experts: is this a product that meets code and is widely accepted as a substitute for drywall or would I end up having to deal with inspectors who don't know or trust the stuff?

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What building code applies to the project?

If it is the IBC, the inspector will want to see the ICC Evaluation Report. There is one for Viroc (Legacy Report #94-61.01) which is linked below. You might have to call the other manufacturers to see if they have ICC ES reports.

Here is a link that might be useful: ES Legacy Report

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Anyone can say
"moisture resistant and fire resistant" about their product. It's meaningless.
Resisting is a meaningless concept. It just means this: at first, it doesn't show much when moisture penetrates it, but that later it will rot as much as any other organic material. And, at first it doesn't allow fire to affect it much, but that later it will burn. This is why I'm saying that its meaning is useless, and therefore meaningless.

It may still be a wonderful product that you might decide to buy. It might satisfy the authorities. It might be what you think it should be. I'm not against it.

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