white cabinets - white underneath?

Tricia21April 5, 2013

Hi all,
I just finalized cabinets with my contractor/cab maker today. He showed me the shelves for the inside which are a natural wood color (except for the glass cabs which will be white). He said he would use those on the bottom but i thought they should be white to match the cabinets. Is that correct? Or is it better to go with the easily wipeable natural wood color material?

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What color are the insides of your cabinets?

The insides of mine are natural birch veneer (real wood veneer on plywood). The shelves are also plywood with the same birch veneer. The front edges of the shelves are white melamine so they look proper through the gaps between the doors etc.

Where we have glass, the interiors were painted white and we used glass shelves.

What do you mean by 'use those on the bottom'?

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I mean on the outside underneath - where the UCLs go...
Our insides will look like yours...

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I only have one standard upper cab without glass. The shelves are the same material as inside of the drawers: sealed wood. The shelves in my glass uppers are the same wood as my cabinets painted the same white paint.

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My white cabinet interiors are all natural wood-look. Same for where my UCLs are. There have been threads on people painting under the cabinets to match, but I can't see the wood with my UCLs in place.

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Sophie Wheeler

In most lines, you would have to upgrade to all matching interiors to have the bottom of the cabinets to be cabinet body color. And you don't need to spend that extra money unless you want to because a light rail will hide the cabinet bottom unless you are sitting at table height close to where you will see the cabinet bottoms.

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I can have the bottoms (where UCLs are) white or natural like the interiors. It's up to me and won't cost anymore. I just didn't know if one looked better than the other...

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Oops. I misunderstood the question. The underside of my two uppers is white, just like the rest of the exterior. From where I'm sitting right now, I can see the underside of my baking cab. I would not want it unpainted, even with the UCLs.

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Ok..thanks breezy...that was my gut...

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