Charity quilts 6 & 7

bev2009September 22, 2012

Needed to take a break from sewing, so thought I would catch up and post next two finished quilts for the children's home. One broken FMQ foot (cheap freebie thrown in when I bought my machine) to report but lots more learned and my FMQ skills are improving.

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What a terrific way to learn and improve your skills! You are so generous. I wonder ~ how many hours you have spent on this charitable project?
You will be bringing smiles to many children.
Thanks for sharing your quilts with us.

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Great use of time and fabric! And practice makes perfect too.

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They are great! Congratulations!


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Very nice job! They are both beautiful, but I especially like the 2nd one... how sweet of you to do that... How did you manage to break your foot? :o)

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Thank you everyone. I have had help. Another lady was piecing as fast as I could cut! I'm not sure what made the foot break. All of a sudden the needle stopped because a plastic piece had cracked and then bent the unit, which the needle then hit. High quality needle though, it didn't break and is still going strong. I couldn't believe it.

Some of the Seeds N Stitches gang might recognize fat quarters they had swapped with me. LOL Just finished another and will post pictures, probably when they are all done this week.

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I think they look great Bev.

Best to you,

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Bev, What a great project! What size squares are you using? It looks like the quilts are about twin bed sized - perfect for the children in Africa. They will be wrapped in your love. TFS

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Those are 8" squares. These two quilts are the same size, but the others all seem to vary, but that's ok because the kids are all different sizes too. LOL The kids used to just sleep on a very thin pallet on the floor, but they now have beds with about a 3" mattress, no box springs. If they don't need the quilt to cover with, they will fold it to sleep on and provide extra cushioning. I figure the larger quilts are good to in case the mom's with AIDS are ill, they can use the quilt too.

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