Sell or stay? Your thoughts, please.

homeagainSeptember 3, 2009

We live in a neighborhood that is only 4 years old. We were the first homeowners. After all these years of talking about it, the developer finally put in a community pool (a very nice one) and a small tasteful "village center" with restaurants, a small gift shop, etc.

Within weeks of these new amenities openings, almost all available inventory sold. So our neighborhood is really hot right now. I decided that now would be an awesome time to sell, even though we don't really need to. We met with our previous agent yesterday and they feel we could list our home for 30% more than we paid for it.

I designed a new home that I currently have out to bid that I'm certain that we can build now for the same price that we built this one for 4 years ago in the same neighborhood. So... we could build a new home for 30% less. Yes, it's considerably smaller, but will have a full unfinished daylight walk out basement that we plan to finish ourselves for additional square footage, which would give us more square footage than this house when complete.

So essentially we could lower our mortgage by $150,000.

But, we would have to move into a rental while the new house is being built with three kids, put all our stuff in storage and essentially put our life on hold while this home is up for sell and the new one being built.

Would you do it?

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You can pay a lot of college tuition with $150,000. Yes, I would do it, IF you are sure that you have accurately calculated ALL the costs.

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