Looking for Narrow French Doors

enduringMarch 21, 2013

I would like to consider cutting an opening in a room to the outside and add a set of french doors. I would like to add french doors because the room is small and there is not enough room for the swing of a full door. A sliding door won't work either for the same reason. I am not at home to measure but I think a rough opening of 36" would be great. Maybe a 48" rough would work, but again, I'm not home to measure (on vacation). I realize this will make mighty small doors. Is there such an animal? Is there such a thing as custom made insulated glass doors?

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Go to a lumberyard. they make 2'0" wide exterior doors and they can be hung as a double door no issues. A window manufacturer will also be able to custom manufacture a french door system for you no issues. They are done all the time.

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Someone last year??? posted their "narrow french doors" and said they were sidelites, I think. So, they took a pair of side lites only, and put them together. It was in a large, brick (to be painted?) house that often posted on the BAH forum, monthly progress pics...


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Thank you so much Millworkman and Kirkhall. I think this will work for me. I would prefer the 4' opening, though the 36" opening might be necessary for clearance. Again thanks! I'll run this by DH.

We need a new deck and we could run along this side of the house where we could walk out onto the decking from this room which is his office. He farms and could use this entry way as a quick in and out, to check the markets online (no smart phone for him, he'd trash it in a month :)

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Watch out for oversize 'guests.'

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LOL, yeah both doors will need to be open for some! DH could navigate easily enough with one door.

Thanks Brickeyee for weighing in!

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A nominal 4"-0" (4-1 to 4-1 5/8 RO) pair of glazed in-swing French doors is a standard size from Marvin and Andersen and probably many other manufacturers.

Making swinging doors out of sidelight panels in a custom frame would require a considerable amount of skilled carpentry work and they would never be as air tight and secure as a standard manufactured door set.

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Oh boy Rneovator8, I just ran the plan by DH and he is liking the idea of this type of door. We looked, and think that a 4' opening could work. Thanks for the point about the fit of the seals with a standard manufactured compared to something that is repurposed. Though I do know some skilled carpenters, thank goodness :)

If you catch this, which door is better in nasty Iowa weather, on the south facing side of the house? Do they put screen doors on these doors?

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The Andersen is probably cheaper but both have very good seals. I think Andersen supplies swinging screen doors but you could also use the kind that coil to each side.

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Thanks Renovator8 for the info on screens. I will be looking at these options hopefully in the next couple of months.

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