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mtnrdredux_gwJune 8, 2012

Hi Sueb,

Rhode Island -- home to my fave restaurant! Have you ever eaten at Nick's on Main in Providence? Sublime, especially if you get the chef's "bar".

Anyway, as far as RI beaches, which areas do you like and which might you avoid?


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Hope no one minds that we are discussing this on the decorating side. I haven't been to Nick's on Main. I'm writing it down right now! DH likes to get to the beach and not go anywhere near Providence, but usually I can get him there once each summer. We have been to Al Forno and loved it, and Mediterraneo, too.

There is quite a range of beaches near us (Narragansett). Scarborough Beach is very busy, crowded, lots of tattoo'd teens and 20-somethings but also lots of families. That is the beach we used to go to -- we had a cottage about 1/2 mile away. The town beach is right up the street from Scarborough and is similar. Waves can get pretty big but not terribly crazy unless there's a storm -- then the surfers come out, which is fun to watch. Roger Wheeler beach, which is also in Narragansett, is quieter and more family-friendly. They even have a playground at the beach. I used to love going there when my kids were younger.

Down at Matunuck, the waves and undertow can be downright dangerous and it seems like someone gets either seriously hurt or killed almost every summer. Charlestown beaches are beautiful. I love it there, but it's more remote and when we were deciding on where to buy a second home, we felt like it was a little too remote for us, and further from home as well.

That's my experience with RI beaches. We pretty much only go to our neighborhood beach now, so it's been a few years since I've been to any of the above!

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Sue, I don't mind, but my guess is Mtn. isn't aware there's a Conversations side.

Here is a link that might be useful: Conversations side of HD

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mtnrd - Members of my family love Little Compton so much that they purchased second homes and businesses there. The beaches are a little rocky but the rest of the area is so picturesque that it more than makes up for it. Never very crowded and never tacky touristy. If your kids are happy riding bikes and hanging out at the beach and making trips to the general store for ice cream, you should love it. If your family likes lots of activities, it might be too quiet.

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Deee and SueB,

Thanks very much. It's always so helpful to ask people who aren't realtors!

When you make a reservation at Nick's on Main, ask to sit at the counter. You get to watch them cook, and it's really fun. My young kids even enjoyed it (they also learned what an amuse bouche is and enjoyed the chocolate tasting, but it's not really a kid's place!)

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Ooh, I love Little Compton too, and Tiverton. We make a day trip to both once per summer. We go to the same sandwich place in Tiverton every time, pop into a few shops, and just enjoy the scenic drive.

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Here's my question. (psl please tell me how to post on conversations side, too? then i will move this convo over there)

Our second home is on a lake. When we bought it, we lived in a fairly urban NYC suburb. Now we are in CT with fair amount of land and our own large pond where we swim, fish, kayak. Now our "vacation" home doesn't feel as much like a getaway.

So I am thinking about a beachfront home. I would want to go up the coastline, not down the coast line. But since I grew up in PA, and lived in NYC and NJ, I know the "Jersey Shore" areas but not the New England coast. I am trying to find out if what I want is even possible.

The main thing I want is to be able to hear waves and walk on a beach (rocky beaches are fine). I don't want a touristy town, but I need good, upscale grocery shopping and to be within 20 minutes of fine dining.

I need at least 3br and 2ba. I prefer a home that needs cosmetic work (only), since I want to do the decorating, of course. I am not looking for a large lot or garage. I am willing to travel up to 4hr, which puts me in Portsmouth, NH.

Here is the kicker. Is this possible for $1mn? $1.2? I really don't want to spend too much more than that. Given the expected frequency of use that would make no sense unless i though the house was an investment (and I am skeptical of that).

To give you an idea, I was googling and I think this one seems very reasonable. It's even kind of cute. What am I missing? What should I be looking for?

thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: what do you think of this?

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sorry, natal, i forgot you had posted the link .... it's moved now

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Mtnrdredux, The only concern with some homes in Narragansett, is that many blocks are primarily college rentals and during the school year it is a party area. The area is used as off campus housing for URI, it is refered to living "down the line" so you would want to research any street you are considering, to see if it is used as rentals or if their are others who own for personal enjoyment only. All of Washington County RI is lovely! You may also enjoy Block Island. There is a decent market and for a small island there are quite a few high end dining choices.
Also I like Portsmith,and Barrington too. Quieter than Newport and offers bay houses at decent prices.
My biggest regret was not purchasing waterfront in RI in the early 90s...Back than it was a steal.

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Thanks, Roarah, we are actually going to BI in August for a few days.

Yes, "college rental" is def a phrase id like to avoid!

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OOh I forgot my favorite beach is in Watch Hill. It is part of Westerly and it has a very popular beach with an old fashioned carosel, but if you round the corner and walk up the hill a bit there is a somewhat hidden path that leads to a strip not many know is public, it is before the newly restored Oceanhouse hotel but the beach connects to the hotel's beach strip. I am sure waterfront homes maybe well above the 1mil. mark but the area is worth a look!
Enjoy BI!

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