window coverings for a craftsman style home

lizbeth-gardenerJune 10, 2010

Am wondering if it will look o.k. to put Hunter Douglas pleated shades and Silhouette blinds in a house of this style. I am trying to stay true to the era when possible, but sheers and roller shades don't meet our needs. Have I missed something?

We need the blinds for privacy because of close neighbors. We also want to be able to open windows and still have the privacy, so are thinking top/down, bottom/up blinds for bedrooms and bath and silhouette's for living area.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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Is your trim around the windows painted white, or stained? I think with stained woodwork, woven wood blinds look great.

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Could you tell us what it is about roller blinds and sheers that doesn't work for you?

I think it would be entirely within the goals of the Craftsman movement to have shades that work well for the way you live. Pleated shades are not fussy, but clean-lined. And the top-down option really works well when you need privacy and still want to let light in.

Think of it this way--did you debate getting a refrigerator (maybe even one with an ice maker and water spigot in the door) or a new stove--neither of which would have been available to the founders of the Craftsman movement? Did you have second thoughts about putting a TV in your house or a computer? Getting the privacy, light and air you need to make your house livable for *you* is just as important as keeping your food fresh or cooking it.

I've also seen top down woven wood shades and roman shades, if those might work better.

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If roller shades and sheers do not work for you, then the H-D Silhouette are a great choice for a Craftsman home. Had you said vertical blinds or something, the answer would have been 'No' of course. Getting the H-D Silhouettes in a light neutral color other than stark white will make them less obvious against the wood trim.

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Thanks for the feedback.

sueb20:the woodwork in living areas is original wood stain. The bedrooms and baths are white.

camlan:The reason roller blinds and sheers don't work is that we want to be able to open windows and still have privacy. I like the point you made about the computer, etc.--kind of puts it in perspective.

dilly dally:We are still thinking about HD'S Nantuckets(lower priced version of Silhouette) for the living area and the color that looks good is in the off white family that has undertones of tan. We need the top down/bottom up for bed and bath so will probably go with the white cellular shades that match woodwork.

The one problem I have run into since this post is we have two LR windows and two Br windows on front of house so the look of the shades/nantuckets will be different. I wish they could all be the same, but I want the ability to open, not just up or down in living areas. To get the same look in Br, I would have to go with a true HD Silhouette to get top/bottom feature and the cost (4 windows) is prohibitive. The HD Nantucket(lower priced version of Silhouette) doesn't come in top/bottom. Hope thats not too confusing!

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Are plantation shutters an option? You could go with white or do the stained one to match your trim/floors. That would give great options for privacy and light and maintain the look. If not shutters, I have seen woven woods in a Craftsman that were lovely.

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