How much to raise the roof?

lgiorgiMarch 3, 2009

I hope this is not to daughter wants to buy a house but we will have to raise the roof to add bedrooms. I am asking what is a ball park figure on long island to raise a roof front and back. WE were wondering because we do not know what price we should look at. We are talking about 3 or 4 bedrooms. Please help.

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could be 25k or it could be 400k, no way to tell. i know that sounds vague, but honestly it depends on what has to be done to that specific location. you could just have to remove the old one and build up the new walls and stick the roof on. or you could have to replace teh attic floor joists with new joists to support the load, add in footers to carry the load teh walls will have, etc and etc..

best advice would be for them to find a house they think they are interested in then hire a structural engineer to go over it and tell them what is involved. sure, they may pay a pretty penny for the engineer, but it could save them hundreds of thousands in future costs.

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Thanks for the great info and your time. I appreciate it.

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By "raising the roof" are you talking about adding a second floor? If so, that would require removing the roof and attic floor, providing temporary weather protection and then installing new floor joists walls, attic joists and rafters. It's usually a complicated and expensive process. It would probably be cheaper to buy a two story house if any are available.

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We are currently in the midst of a remodel that includes expanding a current second floor bonus room by expanding the current shed dormer. We are removing about a 15 x 20 section of roof over a garage to do this.

Our work includes some other aspects on the first floor, as well, but our estimates (5 of them) came in between 80 and 110K. It is expensive! Electrician charges are a killer, and framing and foundation are expensive, too. And don't forget that you will probably have to replace the current HVAC system.

And, as was hinted at in the above post, your foundation will probably need to be beefed up to support the extra weight. (foundation work = $$$, too)

If at all possible, avoid purchasing a home that needs such extensive additions. Not only is it very expensive, but your daughter and her family do not need the stress in their lives.

living through the hell that is remodeling

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I'm from LI and I've heard numbers similar to Busybme for just the second floor.

There is a contractor, Larson, that advertises in newsday with 2 options adding 4 brs and 1 baths to a standard cape for 72K or 78 depending on the roofline. They list what it includes, which is most everything except flooring and maybe painting?.

From what a few contractors tell me, that most capes built on LI have sufficent support assuming it wasn't removed, with the exceptions of the ceiling joists which sometimes need sistering, but that is an over generalization, there are definately exceptions.

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