Removing siding want to Insulate

scott2006March 23, 2007


I will be removing the old aluminum siding and replacing it with vinyl.

The OSB board will be exposed should I remove it and replace with plywood. The insulation in the walls is only R7. I live in Cleveland area and need to put more in the walls. But should I take the old fiberglass out and put what in?

This is a ranch house and ez to work on.

Anyone already do this?


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Curious how do you know you have R-7 in the walls?
If your removing the siding, you can blow insulation in. Why go the the expense of removing sheathing? If the OSB is bad, then replace it. Find out why it deteriorated and fix the problem. You can add 1/2" foam insulation to the exterior under the vinyl siding for a little more R value.

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I'd do as Ron suggested. while you have the siding off, blow insulation into your outside walls. You can rent the equipment and do this yourself. Then apply house rap, I perfer Tyvek, Tape it with Tyvek tape at all it's seams and around each opening so that it's totally sealed. Then add your insulation board on top of that before you side. I tape it too, The Dow board or Amrafoam are great insulation boards to use. They breath as the tyvek does so all your air outside can't get in, but trapped air on the inside can escape. Great product IMHO. If you use foam you may have to build out your window and door facings because you want them to be thicker than your finished wall.

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I could not find anything on Dow's website about any of their foam insulation boards breathing. I would like to put up Tyvek and 1/2 inch foam board but it is very important to me that moisture can get out. Also, I couldn't find anything on Amrafoam.

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Thanks for the info. I took the family room wall down to the studs and found the R-7 insulation. It had old dark paneling in the room. I put in a new sliding door and added a window, then pained the drywall a light color.... wowow niceeeeee. I was disapointed with the R-7.

When you say blow in insulation waht type of insulation are you refering to? The fiberglas?

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Removing your wall sheathing unless done in sections (remove and then replace and move on to the next) can compromise your structure. Wall sheathing acts as part of the building unit. Also it is a lot of work for nothing. Do as the others say, get a quote from a pro or do your research on blowing in cellulose yourself.

Also, 2 x 4 walls are R-13, R-7 is about what 1 1/2" rigid foam has and I'm sure you have more than that.

Also, in doing insulation board on the outside, you need to consider the reveal of your window and door trims as the rigid board will blow out your walls a little more.

Proper application and sealing of your housewrap, whether Typar or Tyvek, proper application of blown-in insulation and the rigid foam on the outside should give you an improved R-value and better envelope performance overall. Also since you'll have everything stripped to the sheathing, you might want to make sure your windows are properly flashed and if not remedy the situation.

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There are a number of insulations you can blow or pump in. Cellulose and fiberglass can be blown into the cavities. Slowly expanding polyurethane foam can be pumped in.
The blown in stuff can be DIY. Foam, by the pros.

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I'd blow cellulose into the walls, but it has to be dense-packed.

You need to practice on a mock up first to get the technique down. Bag count, technique, desired density.

Can't really give valid info on rigid foam board insulation without knowing where you live. Heat climate, cooling climate, mixed?


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Newengland, when I removed the paneling in my family room I found that the walls only have the R-7 ( marked on the insulation) fiberglass. Kind of lame for north east Ohio.

I did put a new 96% furnace in and that helped a lot on the heating bills. But I also want to insulate better.

Mongot north east Ohio can get about as cold as up state new york. I live about 1/2 mile from lake Erie.

Cold in the winter and usually hot in the summer.

As far as the atic goes I only have R-7 there also. Should I be looking at foam there or something else. The old insulation has some mold on it from a long time roof leak that has been repaired. Would I be better off removing that insulation and putting in new?


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