Babies and rubber bands

drewsmagaJune 18, 2013

This video cracked me up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Babies and rubber bands

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It was good to them explore. Notice that it is more fun when two participate.

Now for the downside. I"m glad there was supervision because babies can chew and choke on rubber bands.

The upside: These two were more interested in discovering what the bands could do rather than tasting them. I was amazed at how entertaining these simple bands were. When these two get older, thery are going to take apart locks and clocks and might be able to put those back together.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

God, I hope no one sticks a remote control into their hands when they're older and then ignores them for the rest of their childhood!

Wouldn't you just love to know what these two are thinking?

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Cute kids.

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Babies can be so amazing and this made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

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I love how they figured this all out. And I've always loved babies with that all out laughing.....makes me laugh every time.


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who couldn't smile at this how smart those two were thanks for passing it on

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wonder if they were twins?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I have zero experience with kids...about how old are these toddlers?

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LOL Jemdandy - doesn't my mother know that one! When I was a baby I ate one and my mother thought that I had a parasite so she brought it (diaper) to the doctor, had it analyzed and then got the phone call "yep, it's rubber "worms".
Cute video.

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I loved how the one in the diaper laughed so hard, he/she fell down! They look to be about 18 months old.
I'm a cook at a child care center, and I LOVE going into the toddler room, and play and dance with the babies!!

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I watched that last night, very cute, but the whole time I was giggling with them I was thinking - any baby I've ever known would have eaten one, not played with it :)

Which reminded me, years ago (she's 21 now) I had taken my niece for a walk in her stroller and we passed a field of tall grasses with lady bugs everywhere. I put one on her hand so she could watch it and before I could even react it was in her mouth. I did get it out before she swallowed.

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I showed this video to my just turned 2 yr. old granddaughter (who has a 10 mo, old brother) and she was laughing out loud. She wanted me to replay many times (she's 2) and then a couple of hours later she asked to see it again. Her Mom (my daughter) was cracking up. My granddaughter loved how the one baby was laughing so hard, he/she fell over -- that happened a couple of times. I love to see babies laughing.

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I'm glad that they didn't snap back at their faces!

I had mine on my pantry door and had to put them inside, as Bud one of my cats was forever jumping up at them trying to get at them.

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All I could think of, if one snaps and flies in their face... eyes...


I did a few stupid things in my life, but I never let my babies play with rubber bands.


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