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kristin_cMarch 31, 2014

Our 1906 house has a brick chimney going up through the middle of the house ... including through the middle of our upstairs bedroom. It really makes the room look/feel less spacious and blocks quite a bit of the light from the window.
It's unused in the sense that the kitchen wood stove it used to be connected to is not there anymore. But I can see that the gas furnace and the water heater vent into it, in the basement.

What am I looking at in terms of removal here? Do the furnace/water heater vents go through the chimney all the way up to the roof? How do I find out? Since the chimney's walled in and not bothering anyone in the kitchen, I would be happy (nay ecstatic) if it could just be removed down below the second floor.


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The vents for the gas furnace and water heater are each using a flue in the chimney to vent the byproducts of combustion to above the roof. It is often possible to vent these gases horizontally through the foundation with a fan but you need to ask a plumber to look at your condition. Chimneys rarely support the structure of a house so if you can terminate its use for venting you should be able to tear it down to the foundation but inspect it carefully as you remove it.

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I would be happy (nay ecstatic) if it could just be removed down below the second floor.

Pray tell, what would hold up the chimney above the second floor?

Switching to a high-efficiency direct-vent water heater and furnace would make the job easier, and likely quickly payback their costs in energy savings.

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Removed *to a point below the second floor*.

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