the light just came on....duh!

casiSeptember 26, 2011

It suddenly came to me as I was staring at my king size quilt blocks, trying to figure out how to add more border cause it just isn't getting big enough in the right places.... I did my (12 in blocks) 6 by 5 the wrong way!! I did it 6 long and 5 wide. When I turned it then it looks right. The only thing is that I have these stupid hearts that when I arranged the blocks I made sure that the hearts were facing the correct way for the most part! Oh meeeeeee. I think that I'm just going to leave it. I'm not going to tear those blocks out!!! This has definitely been a learning experience!

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I'm not sure I can visualize exactly what went wrong. If you post a picture maybe someone here will have an idea which will incorporate your "mistake" and make it look like part of the plan.

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Casi, I know you've already made a lot of blocks but if you want to keep the hearts oriented the right way why not add another row to make it 6x6?


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Casi I try really hard not to have a right or wrong direction for my quilt blocks.

You can't always do that but it sure makes my life easier lol!

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Kate, I'm out of my main fabric pretty much! A lot of the blocks the hearts run every which way, it was just on a few that I definitely had a right way and a wrong way....guess they will just blend in. I'm probably the only one that it will bother. This quilt will go in an extra bedroom and we rarely have company anyway. It is just aggravating!

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casi, make it easy on yourself and rotate the quilt, add the border and get it done!!! You will be very proud of it, even with the hearts not facing the direction you intended. Depending on where you stand in the room~the hearts will be facing the right way :). You've done a great job on your quilt. You've made a mistake that only you will notice (yes, it would bug me!) but, others are only going to see the beauty.

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thanks Mag!

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